The amazing Orsay 'emergency kit'

  1. This is my 'emergency' kit or as my DH calls it 'the price is right' winner. It goes with me, in every bag! It is amazing so much fits in this little bag!

    magnetic cards, word search, puzzle game, brush, comb, hairspray, hair elastic, lip balm, tooth brush/ tooth paste, paper and pen,
    mini color pencils and paper (for kids), flashlight, pill box , clear nail polish, mints, glass es cleaner, glasses repair kit,
    extra pair of contacts, contact case, saline solution, eye drops,
    water proof matches, swiss army card, tape measure, sewing kit,
    rescue remedy, 2 packs of 'wipes'

    In the blue case: tweezers, nail file, nail scissors, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, emory board, cotton balls, razor, super glue

    In the clear case: mini scissors, tape, stapler, and staplers

    In the black case: sunscreen (spf 15 & spf 30), aloe, nail polish remover, deodorent, lavender stress lotion, picture of the kids, $20, shout stain removers, band aids, anti-biotic cream, some change

    Whew! :upsidedown: :amazed:
  2. Wow! That really holds a lot. Is it heavy??
  3. wow! you will be prepared wherever you go.

    thanks for the pictures so that we can see the capacity of this beautiful piece!
  4. whoa! and i thought my "kit" was too much!! but i bet it really comes in handy. :yes: (you've actually given me some ideas of what to add to mines!)
  5. Msbroberts that is so impressive!!! Great organization! I'd definitely want you around when disaster strikes!
  6. wow I love it ! great idea!
  7. DAMN i'm impressed.:nuts:

  8. Thanks everyone! My friends and family tease me all the time...until they need something!!!

    I swear I should have stock in the shout wipes...they are awesome! I saved a groom a few weeks ago (he had an ivory tux).

    not too bad, about a pound, maybe a pound and a half
  9. Wow, that is great! I can't believe that all fits in there!! You must be an excellent packer!!
  10. Wow, that is a lot of stuff for such a small bag
  11. Your topic title has it bang on! Amazing is right!

    Super-organization and preparedness! :yes: Wow.
  12. Thanks, but I meant the the bag, not me :shame:
  13. Wow, you have everything/everyone covered...

    BTW - what's in the little case marked "Aquafina"..I only know Aquafina bottled water.
  14. Where you a scout previously cus you are prepared for just about everything! Love it!
  15. Wow, that's really neat! I can't believe all that fits in there, I should think about making a little kit for my bags too!

    Thnaks for the idea!