The Amazing Metamorphosis of Stylefly's Pumpkin First

  1. So..many of you are familiar with the saga of the Pumpkin First. I was so excited to receive it and when I did, the handles were so disgusting that I could barely bring myself to use it. They were really dark and floppy, like they'd been soaked in oil for quite some time (this was all last year). I did use the bag on and off but wasn't happy with it, tried to sell it, no luck.
    I also managed to ruin the leather texture with LMB's Shine Restore and Pre-Treatment. They took away the lovely fluffy leather feel and left a stiff, dry-feeling leather. I was not a happy camper. my own inimitable way, I somehow managed to convince Balenciaga to craft me a new set of handles using the old dye lot for Pumpkin '04.
    Let me preface this by begging everyone not to start calling to get new handles made, they will NOT do it. They had a big meeting apparently after they did mine and will not under ANY circumstances do it again- apparently they were not aware of quite how tricky it was going to be :sweatdrop: .
    So...the Balenciaga craftsmen did their thing and off went my bag for its makeover. I just got it back yesterday. They did a professional cleaning on it as well so the LMB products have vanished and the leather is back to its lovely smooshy old self. They also have appeared to repair the scuffs on the corners. I am truly in heaven and totally in shock.
    Below are Before and After photos.
  2. Wow! That is amazing!! :nuts:

    It looks great. I can't believe they did that. How long did it take?
  3. WOW! It looks like a brand new bag! It's absolutely stunning! I just absolutely love it. Gorgeous color! What do you think of it?!
  4. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW!!!:nuts: CONGRATS! How on earth did you get them to agree to do that? Was it really expensive?
  5. Congrats stylefly!!! Your pumpkin first looks stunning!!!
  6. WOW! It looks brand-spanking new. Pumpkin Orange is such an awesome color and your bag just looks WOW now!!!

    I wish Balenciaga would add a refurbishing service...I'd definitely pay for it! The transformation is amazing. I'm so happy for you :yahoo:

    Are the rivets different now?
  7. Unbelievable!!! Are you Irish??? :p Because you must've had quite a silver tongue to convince Balenciaga to do something this special and labor-intensive for you! The bag looks very close to brand-spankin' new again. I ADORE pumpkin. Congratulations!!!

    (I could use your persuasive skills to convince my hubby that I "need" a cafe Work with GH!)
  8. Dumb luck, mostly...they'd never had the request before and agreed to do it before thinking it through:p . I was told specifically not to tell anyone at the time that they had agreed to do it, until they decided whether they would agree to do it in the future. Since they decided not to allow this service again, I don't think it's bad for me to tell how I had it done as long as I add that it is unfortunately not possible to do again.
    It was actually not that expensive. But i would have paid much more to have my bag back to this condition anyway!
  9. It looks beautiful and "fluffy" like you said!!! Love it!!!!
  10. The rivets on the interior of the handles have notches. I don't remember if they did before...
  11. It looks amazing!!!
  12. Youre bag looks brand new! :yes:
  13. WOW, stylefly! Your bag looks absolutely brand-spanking new!!! Congrats on getting back a bag that you can now truly love...
  14. It looks great! Not that it looked terrible in the first place.
  15. Balenciaga replaced one rivet on the Pistachio 04 I own with a notched rivet too. Guess they don't have any of the un-notched 04 rivets left!

    Your Pumpkin First looks amazing:nuts: You must be over the moon!

    Congratulations:yahoo: :yahoo: