The Amazing Azur Club

  1. can't wait to join the club! if all goes well i will have a pochette in a couple weeks and speedy closer to spring! i can't wait!!!
  2. scottie -- i never thought that the leather is the same as the regular mono and damier lines.....nice bag! and at least waterproof :smile:
  3. Congrats to be the first with the azur!! I can't wait to see what this bag looks like with a patina!
  4. i can't wait to join the club. just a few questions:

    do you ladies know how much is the Damier Azur canvas Pampellone PM?

    is it made of canvas or leather (just like the mono)?

    is it going to be a permanent line? if so, i might wait until early next year, it will make a great birthday gift! :drool:
  5. im part of the cliub toooooooo
  6. oooh congrats!!!!!!!!
  7. Yay Baby Boo!!!!!!! She's beautiful!!!!!!!
  8. THANKS!! LOVE IT! was going to get matching cles but you know what the indigo vernis look TEN times better
  9. congrats boo and welcome to the club:yes: the azur sure are stunning, now you need to go treat all the vachetta befor you use her

  10. how do i treat it??? new at this.. tehee
  11. I use appleguarde leather rain and stain repellant, BUT i dont think it will be available in France i have a friend who sent me mine from US. There are lots of threads though about various other protectors on the board if you have a look through, so some others may be available to you:smile:

  12. Congrats Baby Boo! My Speedy 25 is on the way, too! :smile:
  13. YAY babyboo!!! it loooks WONDERFUL!! Congrats!! can't wait to get mine on Friday!!:yahoo:
  14. yay I get to join too!!
    DSC01143.JPG DSC01142.JPG
  15. Count me in the Azur Club. Speedy 30:
    Picture 557.jpg Picture 558.jpg Picture 555.jpg