The Amazing $25 BNWT Coach Tote! (Woohoo!)

Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Alright, so everybody knows that I'm a fool for Signature Stripe. I love the stuff.

I also have never had a white handbag.

I went into the boutique today to grab my check and chat up the manager (I love my manager, she's fabulous!) and she offered to let me buy our last Khaki/White Reversible Signature Stripe Tote for $25. None of the other SA's had taken the offer. It had been on display, but had not been handled (you'll see why), and was new with tags and all.

Of course, I jumped at it. Who wouldn't jump at a siggie stripe tote for $25? (I had to ask my manager if it was okay that I tell y'all this. I'm so paranoid. ROFL. Of course, she said it was fine).

Now the reason why it was $25. It was our monogrammed display siggie stripe tote! LOL :nuts: Since we aren't monogramming anymore at the current time, they were either going to destroy it or sell it to an SA. I couldn't bear to see her get destroyed!

When I saw it, I was like, "Monogram or not, I don't care, that baby is MINE!" I'm just trying to decide if I want to try to remove the monogram. As y'all can see below, it's an iron-on heat transfer sticker type thing and I think with an iron I could heat it up, peel it and get it off, but I don't want to damage the bag. The monogram is only on the back (seam) side of the tote so it's not visible when I carry it (I am weird and very anal about only carrying my signature items with the seam facing in towards me so no one can see it). It's also not monogrammed on the reversible part, so I could carry it that way.

So here's the amazing $25 monogram siggie stripe tote, guys, tell me what you think! (and should I try to remove the monogram sticker thingy? An am I crazy for getting a monogram bag that DOESN'T have my initials on it? and no, I don't know anyone with the initials ES! LOL)

I love the white against the khaki.... :girlsigh: :tender: :cutesy: :nuts:



Dec 22, 2006

Another reason to be a Coach SA! I love it and I personally wouldn't change it. It might damage the stripe or leave an impression. No one else (other than you) will know that the initials aren't yours and if someone asks, say it stands for "Extraordinarily Special" - which you are.



handbag lover
May 22, 2006
That just had to be snatched up for $25!:wtf:

I'm sure you'll be able to get that monogram off!:yes:

Good for you!:dothewave:


needs something new
Mar 21, 2007
Wow, I still can't believe you got it for $25. I would be afraid to remove the letters.
Maybe you could find a really fun girly patch that would cover it and have it applied.


Dec 4, 2006
Congrats to you on your new bag! Beautiful color and it will look great with all your summer whites and in to the fall. Enjoy carrying it!


Enjoying Rain!
Mar 27, 2007
I would have snatched that bag up in a flash too! So cute! You are definitely not crazy!


professional enabler
Sep 12, 2006
LMAO!!!! YES! We're so savvy! :nuts: Are you leaving your monogram as is? Same as mine, ES? Is there a way to get it off?
I'm leaving it for now, however I did have a customer exchange her monogrammed bag because hers was peeling off so I tried to get mine to peel! haha it didn't work but oh well.