the amarante clutch!!! *PIC*

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  1. very nice, i love it!
  2. Wowza. :drool::drool::drool:
  3. Oh man that is BEAUTIFUL!!:drool:
  4. So it's basically a wallet! OMG. This colour is so hot and sexy. :P I think I might have to get this only to get *something* in this colour. ANd this size clutch is what I'm looking for. Time to print this and leave for the store. O.o
  5. OMG released this month...?! Is this LE or something? Because I lovee it (the plaque adds a beautiful touch!) but I won't get it until later on, maybe September or something.
  6. Argh, I now want a French purse, a bowler bag AND now this in the Amarante!! I hope I wont' like the colour IRL bcos that would be excessive, lol...
  7. The color is breathtaking...
  8. Sooooooooo HOT!!!
  9. Love this bag, I def. am going to get it!
  10. Wow!!!!!!!! :love: :drool:
  11. wow!!:tup::tup:
  12. Oh, how so very beautiful. :heart: Love the "Louis Vuitton" logo on the front .... very classy!
  13. That's beautiful.
  14. Wow! That clutch is gorgeous, and so elegant.
  15. Oh my, I love this!!!!