The Amanda bag

  1. I'm looking for this bag in a darker color though (and not like the one on Nordstroms w/ the metal straps) - the leather straps.

    If anyone sees any on sale - please let me know!
    It's such a great sized bag and I have nothing quilted - love this bag quilted :smile:
  2. I know that the Amanda (regular) went on sale over the holidays. I've only seen them on eBay recently.

    Good luck with your search!
  3. The only Amanda I saw was on the Barney's website but it's in gold. I'd keep an eye on eBay if I were you. LOL... wait, you already do!
  4. :lecture::cry::blush::shrugs::shocked::sos:
  5. ^ hey, we're all hooked on ebay! LOL.... and you always manage to find the best deals!
  6. That's true! I am too impatient to find the deals you do kooba!

    I'll definitely keep my eyes open for ya! I think the Amanda is gorgeous!!!
  7. Wow - I never really saw myself as a deal finder. I feel like I'm always struggling. I forget who right now - but that user w/ the chili hudson is a DEAL FINDER! LOL