The Alma: Is it hard to get into and/or get things out of it?

  1. I LOVE the look of the Alma - but it looks like it would be difficult to get things in/out of it.... Do any of you LUCKY Alma owners have this problem? Do you leave you Alma partially un-zipped b/c of this?
  2. Actually I haven't had that problem. The zipper on the Alma goes all the way around so there is alot of room. I find my epi speedy 25 much more of a pain to get things in and out of.
  3. No problems. The Alma is pretty functional.
  4. Good to know - thanks!
  5. Yup, the Alma is actually very easy to get into because it has a long zipper and gussets on the side so it opens wider.
  6. I have 3 almas--they are very easy to get in to--easier than the speedy!
  7. 3 Alma's?! OMG, I sweat I just turned green - you're a lucky girl!! :yes:
  8. No problem at all. I'd say it's one of the more accessible bags in the line.
  9. No way, the Alma's opening is so wide that it's easier to use than a Speedy :tup:
  10. The opening to the Alma is wide, but if you put a lot of stuff in it, the zipper gets a bit wavy when closed. I sold my Alma for this reason. But, it's a beautiful bag!!! And it looks great in the Mono and Damier versions!
  11. Alma is easy to get things in and out of. It isn't one of my favs however. So I sold mine.
  12. I love the alma, it's very user friendly! I only have it in white MC and would love to have it in damier and epi someday!