The all time box birkin

  1. Do you have a black box birkin?

    If so, do you love it? Are you wishing you'd bought a different leather? Or does the patina win out over all other concerns?

    This color/leather/style combo is weighing heavily on my mind, i am feeling the desire calling...calling...calling. i wish i could find some photos to tempt me more!:shrugs:
  2. I have a 35cm Vintage Black Box Kelly and I LUUUUURVVVVE it. I would love one in a 28cm too.

    It goes with everything and I have not found it high maintenance in the least bit.
  3. but for me a black box birkin would be more all purpose.

    a black box kelly for me is dressy. that's where the wear concerns come into play. i would probably be very careful with a BB birkin.
  4. i am a little afraid i will bang it into everying even if i am careful. but, if i do, so what? i want to get it to use it, not have it sit on a shelf.

    but, i don't want to wreck a poor box birkin either.
  5. Thanks for asking the question, I am very curious too. It would also be really great if somebody could possibly post the picture of a bag with properly fab patina. I've never seen one and would love to find out what causes such fever amongst all you ladies.
  6. I'm thinking the same thing. Worried that it's too delicate weather and scratch-wise. I want to be able to really use and enjoy the bag, not just sit & admire it. Let me know what you decide.
    I also love the look of the black box.
  7. i've never seen really close photos of black box birkins. if any one has them, can you help us and please post?
  8. You should ask either Hermesgroupie or Hermeslady. They have black box Birkins.
  9. Do I have one? Of course not! Would I love one? Yes! Somebody post some pics!
  10. HG, can you chime in?
  11. I have a bearn wallet in black box and it scratches like crazy and in like 2 weeks it look all beat up. I know everyone on this forum thinks box is the "best" leather but I stopped using the wallet after 6 weeks or so cuz it looked almost dare I say mangled. I think the first few weeks with the birkin it will get several scratches that will probably almost break your heart so the question is can you live with the period between day 2 and 3 years from now when it is completely worn?
  12. I'll tell you, I have a Rouge H Box Birkin and I'm DYING for a Black one! And when I get one (whenever that'll be) I want it to look well loved and lived in! I love the patina Box calf gets and the finger prints, rubs and scratches are all part of it. It's NOT a leather for everyone, that's true and I'd recommend a different leather if you are not partial to the "special" qualities of Box calf.
  13. thanks guccigal that does help some

    maybe my black box birkin needs to be preowned and prebroken in?
  14. That is a gorgeous bag.... I guess you will have to go through that period. I still pamper my rouge H Box Birkin.
    HC that might be an excellent idea:smile: