The all-leather Garden Party bags thread

  1. Thanks Jadeite :biggrin: I knew it was rare, but I didn't realise until recently it was SO rare! I feel very lucky
  2. Not mine, but spotted in the city :smile:

  3. Love this! A REAL action shot~
  4. Congrats! Do you guys think Rouge Casaque can be worn all year or is it seasonal?
  5. Thank you Jeyatlin! :biggrin: I've never been one to follow trends or fashion rules, i just wear what i think looks good :sunnies
    I think i will definitely be using this bag all year round, it is too pretty not to!
  6. Haha yes, thank you so much :smile:
  7. aww, how cute is that?!?
  8. This is such a BEAUTIFUL bag :drool::drool: I would love one of these next :graucho:

    Look how it is so lovingly tucked in! So sweet!
  9. I know it's gooorgeous :love:
  10. Wow! You all have inspired me to seriously consider getting my own GP... Lovely yet practical bag!
  11. Sharing my tosca gp that I picked up in Hawaii this past June. :tender:
  12. Given there are so many types of leather available for q garden party , can somone tell me what are the leather options and which of them is the softest and light weight to carry around ?

    I recently saw a Garden Party bag in. mustard country cowhide on the web but not really sure what kind of leather is it and whether I should get it ... any advice is appreciated .
  13. Well the leathers I know the GP comes in are:
    1 fjord (very thick and grainy, my favourite type)
    2 Negonda (which is grainy too, but much less firm and softer than fjord)
    3 Vache country (which is a mix between negonda and fjord I think - I have a GP in this leather)

    There are probably a few more as well. I imagine the mustard GP leather might be similar to vache country? They are both new leathers I believe and look quite similar. I would've LOVED to get that mustard GP - if only I lived in the US. I hope a TPFer scored it! :graucho: The colour was superb!
  14. Was lucky enough to get a Capucine 36 cm this week and I agree it is the most practical bag ever.
  15. It's officially Fall when I bring my Prune GP out.