The all-leather Garden Party bags thread

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  1. There's a Victoria Fourre Tout thread which has discussions of available colours, pics, and so on. So, here's one devoted to the new all-leather Garden Party bags.

    They've been mentioned already in a couple of other threads:

    I thought it would be nice to have one central thread devoted to this bag.:smile:

    Colours that, so far, have been seen/reported:
    * Etoupe w contrasting white stitching
    * Black
    * Rouge Garance w contrasting white stitching (yes unusual I know but that's what my SA said over the phone.. Can anyone confirm?)
    * Graphite

    Sizes seen/reported:
    TPM (~30cm?)
    PM (36cm).

    Lined in canvas, has one internal zip pocket.

    Pls feel free to update this if you've seen or heard from your store about other colours/sizes or any other info!:tup:
  2. Saw a black one at SCP, and was told they will eventually also come in rouge H, gold, toundra, ardois, and etoupe. I'd like to see one in gold--that might be a nice summery tote.
  3. Thank you, S for starting this. I will have to rely on tpfers here to show pics of it. My store didn't order any of it. And I think only one was ordered by the other H store here. My guess is that the other DFS stores would order a couple.

    Any idea what its retail price is?
  4. Mizzle, thanks for the info! I agree, I imagine gold would be very nice for this bag, although this would be a good chance for me to dabble in a little more pop! Wonder if colours like raisin and brighton blue would be made in this range...

    Hmm that toundra... I thought it was a colour coming out just in boxcalf? Saw it only in the "box" category in the "Leather Avaibility" reference thread but it would be nice if Hermes is making it in other leathers too! I haven't seen this colour yet but wondering if it may look a bit "army" green?

    MrsS, the price here for the PM (36cm) is: A$3475.00. Pretty darn good, huh??
  5. Saw one in Rough H and one in Grey (not sure of the name) both in TPM size.

    The price is HKD18xxx.
  6. can't wait to see them in different colors! :nuts:
  7. I saw the 36cm in all-leather black very recently - S$3,900. For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of the leather...
  8. ^^Was it something that sounds like "Lagonda"??
  9. Serenity, now that you mention this...I think what I saw on the tag could be "Negonia" :idea:

    It is soft, very Swift :smile:
  10. Great thread! I haven't seen the all-leather GP in person, but it sounds beautiful. Etoupe with contrasting stitching :drool: And if it comes in Rouge H, I am adding it to my wishlist!
  11. Thank you, gigi.:flowers:
  12. I'm bumping this! Next time I go to H, I'll ask about them! Sounds like a nice alternative to the Victoria FT which I cannot justify the price of right now!
  13. The stores here have in some all leather smaller GPs now, and I thought the red color was Vermillion but I could be mistaken? It was very cute, but for me, a bit too small as it didn't come in the GM size. My SA also told me that they should also be getting them in Hermes Orange (awesome!) soon, although as we all know with Hermes, soon can be a relative term!

    What I would really like is a GM in Gold, but I have yet to find it or even find out if it's being made.
  14. wow i was just thinking about this bag! would love to hear more info if anyone has any!
  15. I'll try to find out the prices in euros tomorrow :sneaky: