The all about items thread, come share your love and wth moments ^-^.

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  1. #1 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    I didn't see a similar thread so I thought it would be fun to start a thread about the items on (worldwide).
    To be clear, this thread is not about customer service or experiences with the online website (I think there are other threads for that), it's just about all the items on
    That moment when you fall in love with a new item on the website, please share.
    That moment when you see an item and your first thought is; 'what the peeeeeppppp' lol.
    That item that is still online and still on your wishlist, please share.
    It's all about the items on - not only bags but also jewelry, clothes, shoes etc.

    Let me share today's WTH moments.
    Was browsing online and saw this croc bag:


    My WTH moment was when I saw the price of 41K :wtf:.
    Seriously, if I had an extra 41K laying around, there's no way I would pay that for this Gucci bag.
    Dang, you can buy an exotic Hermès for that...

    And then this one:


    Another bag I would never buy. Well, good thing about this bag is that people probably never have to ask again who makes your bag. Because let's be honest, it's pretty obvious it is Gucci, isn't it :lol:?
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  3. When I saw the capsule garden collection my jaw dropped seeing this stunning dionysus:
    Sorry for the large pic! I love the dionysus but this one is I immediately fell in love with right away. It's just so classically Gucci.
  4. I love that one too and I think it makes it extra special with the ghw :love:.
    But the white scares me though....not the best choice for clumsy me :P.
  5. The white frightens me too! I can't do white colour bags - carrying even my light beige bth freaks me out if I see a potential accident waiting to happen like coffee spilling. I will be way too paranoid.
  6. Sounds really familiar, lol.
    I remember buying a crispy white lambskin Dior bag many, many years ago because it looked so pretty. Omg, what was I thinking :eek:?? Never worn...even looking at it scared me haha. At the end, I sold it.
    You would think I might have learned my lesson after that.
    But noooooo.....bought a Gris T. Birkin many years later. Not white, but still a light color. It sure is beautiful and everyone says I don't have to worry about the bag and that a spa will take care of it when needed, but still. Ashamed to admit that I haven't worn it much (but at least I have worn it, hee hee) :blush:.
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  7. @**Chanel** I can't believe that silly price, not even for a nice croc bag, but just like you and @GhstDreamer the online garden exclusives are another matter and my faves are the same as above (even though I do wear and use white bags I think I have enough for the mo :P)

    On the minus side, I fell in love with an 18K rg Flora necklace from the US site earlier this year, unfortunately it didn't appear on the Euro site, then disappeared from the US site too before I could take the model number or grab a photo and no one knows what I'm talking about :coolio:

    On the plus, I love I can check on all the details of most new things before they arrive in the stores so I can reserve pieces like my 18K/silver/diamond ring. Lots of things are made in very limited numbers, now more than ever.
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  8. Not sure if you watched the review on it but I'm thinking this will actually hold up nicely! I shy away from white bags too for the same reason you stated but this one is calling my name! If you do end up getting please post it's gorgeousness in the thread I started for the Garden Collection you can also view the review for this bag there!
  9. I preordered these pretty Princeton mules- an online exclusive :smile:

    Attached Files:

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  12. You are reading my mind my dear :hugs:

    I think I would wear (makes me think about my tigers) but I already have a green and web-stripe Jackie so that might be silly. I will be buying the Emerald hat that would go with it though. The black version with the birds is also beautiful. I have to see this one IRL.
  13. Well, there probably won't be a better bag to suit your username here hehehe :biggrin:.
    I am still waiting for the perfect Dionysus. I was in Paris about one week ago, and Gucci at FSH offered the MTO Dionysus bags.
    There was one with an embroidered butterfly that I liked, but it came with pink ruffles and it was not possible to do a MTO without the ruffle (I asked). It was possible to choose a different buckle (with stones in blue or grey for example), you could pick a different color for the suede sides, and you could have it engraved under the flap with gold, silver or tonal letters. You could pick two different sizes as the letter type. But...what I really, really wanted, a longer chain to wear it crossbody and a back pocket were both not accepted as a MTO.
    Also, most MTO bags they showed me, were large size. Way too big for me.
    Except that butterfly Dionysus which was a perfect size for me, but I am still thinking about that pink ruffle. So that is probably a no go for me.
    The wait for the perfect Dionysus continues :angel:.
  14. True! :P. I love the colour and the tigers - I'm not quite sure about the additional flowers and heart

    That's such a shame about the MTO, but I don't see you (or me) with a pink ruffle either. I agree with you on the chain length too, I think on a MTO people should be able to order any length chain.

    I may wait 'till Gucci bring real suede in their bags but I do like this: Broadway so far only available on the US site