The Alina

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  1. From Spring/Summer 2010, the Alina intrigues me. So far, I can only find it on the Bloomingdale's site in Taupe and Black. Since I live in the dregs of MJ Collection bag shopping (as in, there is nowhere in town that carries them any longer), I'm just wondering if any of you have seen this bag and what you think of it. Also, has anyone seen it in any other colors?

    It appears to have a longer handle drop than the Bruna, and also a wider bottom with the zipper opening. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Here is a photo from the Bloomies site:

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  2. Ooh, good thread Selmom! I'm curious to know if it comes in beige - the beige Casey in the line notes looks rockin!
  3. i really really like that! :tup:
  4. I have seen it and tried it on. It is a great bag. Nords and Neimans. Handles go easily over the shoulder. Very nice.
  5. Nasc, do you remember what colors you saw it in? Also, if you have a good SA at either of those, would you mind sending the contact info to me via PM? Many thanks.
  6. that's pretty!! the zipper opening looks like it would be easier to get into... i wonder if the bottom is structured?
  7. oh this looks so good ive liked the Bruna for a while!
  8. Me likee! -- I love the ones you can get over the shoulder & zip on the top:P

    Yes! - let's hear about colors!! - and get more pics!!!
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