The Alexa Dilemma: Oversized Oak or Oversized Leopard

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  1. Alright girls...I am new to the purse forum and have been following your posts for a month or so...checking out all of your beautiful alexas. You guys have a great forum. As far as Alexa, I couldn't decide and now have, in my possession, an oversize oak alexa as well as an oversize leopard alexa. One must go back...and I can't bear it!

    My husband is tired of watching me stare into the mirror with one on each arm. I have been toting them both around with me everywhere (inside, of course). I watch tv at night with both sitting on the sofa because I figured that with enough time, I would be able to make a decision...but I can't! (and he has no idea how much these bags cost or he would KILL me)

    The oak is so practical and beautiful...I think the leather feels a little more supple and I think it might (?) age better. The leopard is more me but because I have no bags (seriously this is my first big bag purchase, I normally spend all my money on shoes!), I feel it's kind of irresponsible b/c it's so wow...and I worry that I might tire of it if I have to carry it every day? But it's so perrrttty!

    I realize that I'm going to have to make this decision on my own (and either way I win) but any input from you girls would be appreciated (especially from owners of either bag). I'm driving my husband mad!
  2. Hi and welcome!

    I have the OS leopard and I just love it! The colour for me is perfect and I like how I could dress it up or down. I was looking at the oak too as i'm usually an oak gal but I have to say it was love at first sight when i saw the leopard (especially as the oak leather on the one I saw was rather orangey unlike some of the beauties the girls have on here!) I also thought that the oak was likely to become a classic where as the leopard was more of a seasonal thing so I wanted to grab one while I had the chance :smile:

    I can totally feel your pain - perhaps post some modelling pics to help us help you?!
    As you say it is a win win situation but my (biased) vote goes to the leopard!
  3. If you wear solid tops and bottoms I would go with the Alexa Leopard print. I wear alot of prints in my dreses as well as my skirts so I went with the Oak as it will be more versatile for me. Listen to your heart and keep the one that makes your heart sing.
  4. Welcome to the forum btw!! Perhaps you could post some pics of both? What a lovely dilemma to have though!
  5. I bought my first Alexa in Ink colour. My next target will be OS Leopard. The leopard print is more fun than the oak to me.
  6. its a toughie, as both are gorgeous. I didnt think twice about going "out there" with the leopard, but maybe that is because I have a couple of ultra safe bag choices too :smile:

    I can completely understand your dilemma, as this is your first main bag purchase so head says Oak BUT, oak leopard is not really in your face at all in my opinion, its muted and gorgeous!

    You say you love shoes? which ones do you always go for! are they out there and gorgeous, or safe and practical - maybe use your shoe purchasing judgement to pick your new bag! You cannot go wrong with either ;)

    Big welcome to the forum too
  7. Definitely OS Leopard, but I am a little biased!
  8. This is not tough. Your first bag, and your only one for the time being? Get the OAK. She will get more use, and age better. Then as your SECOND bag you can get fancy.
  9. This is a tough one.. I'm in love with my oak leopard alexa, and think the leopard pattern is suptle. I chose this since I already have a few oak bags, and wanted something slightly different both colour- and leatherwise. Oak leopard is both a classy and casual bag imo, and goes with so many colours. However, since it's your first big bag purchase, the oak is an even safer bet in a way.

    In the end I think you should go for the bag that makes your heart sing. Also think about the shoes and clothing you wear, and whether you like the lighter leather on oak leopard alexa or the slightly thicker buffalo leather on oak alexa best?
  10. Hi girls,
    Thanks so much for your feedback! I took a long time mulling this over...I had pretty much decided to keep the leopard and then I put my real stuff in her (un-tissued papered her) and I just didn't love the slouchy way she hung messager style (I think she's supposed to do this, personal opinion only on not liking it.) I don't carry all that much in my bag daily...The oak is a little more structured and kept her shape better with little inside. So I'm keeping her! Waiting on my collonil delivery before taking her out and about! Excited and feel like it was the right decision! Bonus: I'm being practical!

    Perhaps the leopard will find me again some day...:smile: I have been thinking of her a little bit!
  11. I totally agree with you. I had the same situation with the same leathers but in the regular size. I ended up with the oak and have been using it daily. I still miss the leopard though!!!!
  12. I am in a similar dilemma myself. I do not own an Alexa (yet) but i am unable to decide between Oak and Oak Leopard. I love the Oak Leopard but for the money I will want her to go with most things in my wardrobe.....So I am now thinking Oak..

    LeighWhit25 - good decision I think, maybe you could get the Oak Leopard regular in the future as I think she may keep her shape better?
  13. So glad you made your final decision and its the one that works for you best. Now hurry up and get her treated so you can take her out :biggrin:
  14. Good you've made your decision. I'm sure you'll love it! Please put some pics of her on here , get colloniling and start using her (echoing CB here:smile:)
  15. Well done on your decision. What a fab bag for your first big purchase.
    I'm like you, because I've always spent money on shoes but never bags until very recently. The Mulberry bug has bitten me!

    Oh and welcome to the forum!

    One other thing - husbands never need to know what bags cost.
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