The Alexa agony is over.... thank you x

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  1. Hey girls! I have been obsessively reading your wealth of threads about the Alexa to help me decide which size/type to buy. I feel as if I could write a short novel about these bags now so thank you for all that info.

    I have gone for the reg oak leopard which was in stock on the Mulberry website today so can start to feel excited! Woo Hoo! This bag has to be a spring and summer bag and I hope it will work with summery clothes.... it has that slightly left-field quality so I think it will work with a bit of attitude....!:biggrin:
    For me a deciding factor was weight as I don't want achy shoulder syndrome and usually I go for bags that are actually too heavy. I have loved to read your debates and advice, so thanks again, you are fab! Have more questions about care to follow....
  2. congrats post pic when it arrives!
  3. Well done! I hope you love your new bag once it arrives. I am sure that you will, it is such a beautiful piece. Am very much looking forward to your reveal xx
  4. Not sure I can compete with Jazzy's reveal! I need a lie down !
  5. Yeah, know what you mean - welcome to the forum, btw!
  6. Thanks Kriscat! Had many bag related dreams last night....was I right to go for the leopard or should I have held out for an oak? perhaps I need both! Waiting is hard...