the alex is relisted!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha the seller emailed me buyer didnt pay!

  1. which is amazing but now the seller has gotten greedy and its no auction its just a BIN of $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think thats reallly Fing obnoxious since i could have won it if whoever that jerk was who bid it up and then didnt pay hadnt been bidding

    and now the seller wants just $400 flat,,,,,im so mad about it i dont even know if i want it anymore

    at that price ,,,when i KNOW i could have had it around $250 at MOST if that jerk hadnt bid

    what do i do,,,,,,,,,,,

    i just bought a Pink Marc Jacobs bag to make me feel better, and i want the alex so bad but i think its SO GREEDY to have a BIN of $400,,,,,

    only that one jerk bid it up to that,,,

    what should i DO!
  2. I think the seller is having a bubble with that BIN!!! Just because someone bid that high previously, might make the seller think that that's what it could be worth, but I think its overpriced. Like you said, you probably would have won it for almost half of that if that other person didnt bid. I wonder why they didnt pay?
    What was your highest bid on the last auction? Didnt the seller offer you a 'second chance' option?
  3. yea well i had my snipe set at 400 i never dreamt it would go there so my last bid was that cause the person bidding against me took it from $280 to $400,,but that persons bid of $400 went through 1st

    but i never intended to pay $400 and my bid of $280 or something was highest until that jerk came along,,, and i dunnno what to do
  4. I would stand my ground and tell the seller exactly what YOU would be willing to BIN for, as you know that there was only one other bidder, right? If the seller isn't willing to accept your terms, you can always just have the GAP reimburse you for what you paid for the shirt and ruined purse, and still come out ahead. Seems like you have the upper hand right now...
  5. yea you are right

    it was 3 bidders but one person bid only once and i was automatically higher then them

    my last bid that was winning was $285 i think until the jerk put in $400

    so i told her iw ould be more then willing to bay that $285 (which still i think is high! but whatever)

    but that i could not pay $400,,,

    and i dont think anyone will cause it was just that one bidder so i am sure she will have to go down so if she doesnt accept my offer i will just wait until she has to go lower cause no one will pay $400,,,,

    thank you! :smile: you are right
  6. No one is going to buy it for 400 (or I doubt it) so I'd wait and she'll have to relist AGAIN and maybe come to her senses. However, you will be getting a reimburment from the Gap so you really aren't paying for it. So IF you really have to have the bag and can't get over it, I'd BIN. She doesn't know you will be getting paid by the Gap. It all depends on how bad you want it. In all actuallity you were willing to pay 400 last week becuse the Gap would be paying for it so why does one week make a difference?
  7. I would definitely ask for a second chance offer on the bag. Or just wait it out and if it doesn't sell just write the seller a message offering a lower BIN price...
    :rolleyes: Hope you get the bag!!
  8. The whole situation with this seller sounds a little fishy. I hope the seller isn't bidding on her own items to make this alex more expensive than it should be. I'd wait it out and see if anyone bids on it. And when/if no one does, then contact the seller.
  9. that's EXACTLY what I was going to say! Sounds like a shill bid to me. Especially if they went right over your amount and then relisted it. I would wait it out or try another auction as this seller doesn't sound honest. I've been selling on eBay for 10 years and I always offer a 2nd chance offer if the bidder bails on me and if I don't, I relist at usually a lower price, not a higher one, or a higher BIN.

    Question as i didn't follow your first post - did the seller actually email you that it was relisted with that high BIN price (knowing what you bid prior of course)? If so, don't take it. I'd find another purse and another seller. Can you post the link? would be curious to see. I am good at seeing if someone is a shill bidder.

    My 2 cents...Lauren
  10. Bessie, $400 seems a lot for an Alex, but yes, it depends how much you want it. I personally think you could get it for less. In your shoes I'd reject the BIN for $400 and wait until either this one comes up for less, or else wait for another one. Really, with the spending you did at the family and friends sale this week, you could do with a lower priced Alex, unless it's a 'must have now' type of bag. Whichever way you go, you need to be happy, but I suspect if you buy it at $400, you'll always be mad that you had to pay so much, especially if a cheaper one comes up on eBay in the future.
  11. I don't see the Alex on eBay, (only the completed listing) Where is it?
    Oh, duh, nevermind.

    Bessie, this Alex was listed twice (and didn't sell for $199) before it jumped to $400.
    I'd point that out to her, offer her the $199.

    Greedy people.
  12. Ok a little more info it isn't relisted yet its a 2nd offer of 400 it just looked like a normal listing so I was confused,, either way I said that I would do 280 but couldn't do 400 and she wrote back saying that the other buyer did still want to pay but wanted another wk to get the $ together but that she would rather wait them sell to me for lower so I said no prob if you change your mind let me know if not good luck

    I found a beautiful marc jacobs hobo in about the same color amazing leather so I think it compares really well for me to the alex so I am happy I will post pics of that herre when I get home so you can see, so for me I got so angry about the whole situation on ebay with the alex that I just came to terms with not having it and was ok so now I'm like I want it still I love it but not for 400!!!!!

    Ok time to hit the treadmill(I hate the gym this is my 1st time in like 6 months haha ) xoxo
  13. Bessie, I think you've made the right decision. I don't think the Alex is worth $400. If you really want one, you'll find one springing up on eBay, which will be cheaper. As for the Marc Jacobs.... definitely post the link.

    Happy jogging! It's something I should be doing after 2 nights in Bahrain enjoying the food and drink!
  14. Bessie, longing for certain bags, ALWAYS go away, have you noticed? There is always another beautiful bag around the corner. And if you wait long enough, yet another Alex will come up on ebay for a BIN of $180, you will see.

    I suggest passing completely, get your money from the Gap and move on.

    And get a 'move on' on that treadmill! *S
  15. I agree, another Alex will come along. I bet when the new fall line hits the stores, people will be thinking how to come up with some extra cash and we'll see a boatload of Koobas on ebay.