@ The Airport

  1. [​IMG] Lindsay Lohan stares down a cameraman as she waits for her ride at the Roissy Airport in Paris.


  2. Who is that kissing her cute little chihuahua?
  3. True life pics

  4. I think it's Katharine McPhee!
  5. Thanks! soo cuute!
  6. OMG!!!:nuts: WTH happened to Alec Baldwin?!:sweatdrop:

  7. You're right and if the camera aimed a little lower it would have snapped a photo of her Speedy. Notice the handles??
  8. Lisa kudrow looks so tired!
  9. Why do people insist on kissing their dogs? I've had dogs all my life and never felt compelled to suck face with them...uck!!!!:throwup:
  10. NVmyLV- Good eye!!

    Fendihunter...I kiss my dog right on the mouth all the time, and then I'll kiss her little tongue too...you'd hate me!
  11. i love lisa kudrow. my friend met her and her family on a trip to bali. she was so nice.
  12. I LOVE my dog, I kiss her all the time too!!
  13. lisa kudrow :heart:
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  15. I love Goldies jacket. Wonder where it's from?
    And LV_addict your right, what happened?? Lol! My husband would be so happy to see that photo since he is my hero. LOL!! It will just be my secret!