The Air Loub - special little flats for flights

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  1. [​IMG]

    I only recently did but what about you ? They were avaliable from 2005 ..

    Have you ever heard of that ?
    A friend of mine just sold hers and i've never knew about them before !

    Basically they are little foldable cashmere slippers you can put on while you're on the plane which is genius.. though I find them very overpriced.. (427 US$ )

    The top of the cake ?
    They came with special little dustbags ..

    Does anyone have some in here ?

    I only have one small pic of the flats but some of the little bags ..


    Actually this post refers to a pair i've seen on carla bruni once, the lacey ones.. Adorables !! But they so not seem very foldable to me..

    Carla :

  2. Very cute! Now I want a pair.
  3. Wow, I had never seen these before! Love!
  4. These are soooo cute!
  5. They are adorable but I could never see myself paying that much for flight slippers...
  6. Those are SO CUTE. But I'd personally rather have the lace Air Loubs that Carla Bruni is wearing (and those are more like rosellas, so definitely not foldable!!).
  7. Forget about the flats, I want the little pouchette. It's absolutely adorable!
  8. Perfect idea. I actually got this idea back in June and thought I was brilliant and going to be a millionaire (mine were for fold-in-half flip flops that you could stow away easily in a clutch). Then, I went in to wal-mart the other day and saw Dr. Scholl's "fast flats" - this same thing for $10. Le sigh. Day late and $1m short. Ha!
  9. ^^ Same here.. I find it very expensive.. and I bought myself some REDFOOT adorable fordable flats £25 retails and £5 on sale :smile: yesss
  10. the little bag is so cute!
    I have these Air Loubs, but they aren't foldable.

  11. They are so cute and I love the bags. Wee bit overpriced for me though.
  12. So cute! Wonder if they are still available?
  13. these ARE cute!! probably impossible to find and would be so useful on my next flight!!
  14. oh these are super cute! id purchase them if they make a comeback.. not keen on used shoes and they're probably impossible to track down anyways.