The Agony of the First Scuff/Scratch/Scrape on your brand new CLs

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  1. ok, how many of us have taken our brand new CLs out for their first trip on pavement, cement, concrete and come back with actual *wear* on them, wondering why oh why can't they stay pristine???? :shame:

    or am I the only one that can't keep shoes perfect??? :sweatdrop:

    DH was cracking up at how upset I was when my NPVPs came back from a night on the town was a nasty scuff on one heel :Push:

    He was like, HELLO!!! They are shoes, that live on your FEET and subject to WEAR and TEAR :supacool:

    Alas, I am still bummed :shame:
  2. Yeah... just take a deep breath and enjoy actually wearing them out!! :yes:
  3. Yes I get bummed, but I know it will happen so I try to take it with a grain of salt.

    Sorry about your scuff, hmwe. :flowers:
  4. I'm actually relieved when it happens - at least it's over and done with and my CLs can be worn without fear :smile:
  5. exactly. part of me wishes i could buy them with scuffs already on them so i wouldn't feel so bad!!
  6. That's why I chose to buy the one with the metallic heels!!:wlae:
  7. lol, I feel the same way :P But I try not to get too upset, after all they're just shoes and if I've scuffed them already it means that I no longer have to worry. :flowers:
  8. When I first got into buying high-end shoes, I thought it was kind of gross that people bought used shoes but now I totally understand it - if they've already been worn once or twice, the damage has been done and you can save a lot of money.
  9. ^^Just like buying a used car...let the first buyer take the hit. lol
  10. I just got the first tiny scruff on the heel of my Nude VPs of their 3rd wear out. It's tiny but I still can't bring myself to look at it because it just distreses the part of me that likes everything perfect. I'll get over it - i'm thinking with another pair of Nude VPs with a different colour tip will help :amuse:
  11. My first trip outside was emotional agony. My husband was waiting in the car for me and I walked across the cement floor of the garage, cringing because I knew what was happening to those pristine red soles. When I got in the car, DH said I looked as if I was constipated. :sad:
  12. I was only like that for my first few pairs. Now I just enjoy them. C'est La Vie.
  13. *GULP* I'm going to wear my new Fully Prives out for the first time today. I've had them almost a week and until now have just been taking them out of the box to drool over them every once in a while.:drool: DH asked if I was ever going to wear them or just stare at them forever. BTW, hmwe46 I am so bad keeping my shoes new looking! I don't know how it happens????:shrugs: It just does.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. This thread cracks me up! I'm SO that way...I've only worn one pair of pristines and one pair of pre-owned and the horror is the same. My feet actually feel as thought there is a forcefield around them...if anyone enters my "safety zone" I'll kill them where they stand!