The Agenda Club

  1. Hey Ilikepenguins what color vernis is the light blue on the far right... ugh... I LOVE that color and don't know the name, fabulous agenda collection. I dream of having an agenda collection, I just have 2, Indigo and Panda...
  2. oh sorry, the major collection is Cannie, what color is that vernis blue??? tanks.
  3. the mini is REALLY small. Go for the small ring agenda which is only $300.
  4. I´m hopefully getting a small ring agenda in about two weeks. I can´t get excited about it yet if William doesn´t find the right one from Ny. He just left for New York today. I gave him options on what agenda to buy; Monogram Koala (orange), Damier, Epi (red, mandarin, blue). Fingers crossed!
  5. That is actually the lavender Vernis, which is discontinued now. ;) I no longer own these pieces, but here's a better picture of the color:

  6. OH! Those are sooo beautiful!!???!!! How could you possibly part with them,,, lavender looks so much bluer in the photos than IRL. I adore lavendar and just got my first piece. But, I do hear that it turns grey over time and you should ALWAYS keep in dustbag and out of sun... thanks for the pics, I loved seeing them...
  7. I can finally join the club too!

    To those of you who have bought Filofax inserts (zipped pouch & for credit cards) for your small ring agenda: What's the correct size to buy? Can you buy them on the filofax website??? :confused1:

    I just bought my Framboise Small Agenda a couple days ago. I couldn't justify buying the LV pen (for the price, I could almost buy another agenda!) i'll probably buy a pen from Tiffany like some of you have suggested!
    Btw, Lola24, if you read this post: What's the style name of the pink pen you bought? Its absolutely perfect for the Framboise agenda! I looked for it on the Tiffany website but couldn't find it!

    Oh, btw, here are some pics of my pretty new agenda (all I need now is to just find the perfect pen and the filofax inserts to complete my agenda! Please help me, if you can! :smile: :

    Below: (Small Framboise Vernis Agenda & Medium Damier Agenda)

    (I love my Damier medium agenda too...but now I'll be using it at work only, since it doesn't fit into my purse. The small agenda though, fits into any bag so I can carry it around wherever I go!)
    Vernis Agenda (ext).jpg Vernis Agenda (int).jpg IMG_1452.jpg IMG_1450.jpg
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  8. woohoooo! i can also join the agenda club now!
    i also got a small framboise vernis agenda today! hehe the last one at the bloor store!
    heehee i'm soo happy with it! i actualli never thought of buying an agenda until i joined this forum =)
    i'm just so scared of getting my new agenda dirty :S
  9. i didn't know this club existed but i'll join for sure. :smile:

    i have the desk agenda in monogram that i use frickin every day. i need to buy a refill soon.. or that's what my agenda says as i came across the refill form. haha.

    i also have the pocket agenda in damier that i use as a checkbook wallet instead.. but since i just got a different checkbook cover (non LV), i'm gonna buy some refills for the pocket agenda so i can use it as more of a 'take with me' agenda.. cuz the desk agenda is so big. i use it everyday, but it's gaudy to take around everywhere. haha. so the pocket agenda will be a "mini me" per say. hehe.

    i dont have pics of both right now just by themselves, i will take pics later.

    oh, and my desk agenda has my initials stamped on the inside front cover in gold. :smile: i'm gonna get the pocket agenda stamped with my initals also later. :smile:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. For the small ring agenda, buy the POCKET sized accessories from Filofax. You can buy these from their website, or from The Container Store and We have a tCS here, so I just picked them up directly from the store.
  12. What size Filofax stuff does the medium agenda need?
  13. I have ordered my agenda and it's on the way, so I'll be able to join this club soon! :yahoo: The Filofax inserts for the small ring one are the pocket size, you can look at the accessories here. I ordered a bunch of stuff online for mine a few nights ago, I can't wait for it all to come!
  14. Thanks for the info, blackbutterfly. I'm going to order mine from the Filofax website :smile: I'm in Canada though, and they want $16 for shipping! But the total amount of stuff I'm buying is only $25!!! Oh well....all that stuff is really going to make my agenda more functional and I can't find it here, so I guess I have no choice. Thanks!
  15. i just picked up the 2007 refill for my desk agenda. lord $78+tax. lol.