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  1. Very nice collection! I notice that you have the hermes carmencita pagemarker. Do you know if the still make these as I did not see them on there website.
  2. Does anyone know what size inserts from Paperchase fit the medium agenda? TIA
  3. i purchased a DE medium agenda from fashionphile and im having trouble believing its real. im going to get it authenticated but im pissed that if its not i have to go through the trouble of returning this crap.

  4. Oh so you're the one that got it;)
    Congrats! I really hope you don't have to return it. The photos showed it to be in great condition. Are you taking it to LV?
  5. yes it was me lol. thank you.

    its beautiful but some of the letters on the hardware looks off. but then i just purchased an item from LV today and noticed the letters on the cleansing cloth is a little different from the letters n the dust bag so maybe a little difference is normal.

  6. Can i join the club ? My new purchased agenda mm ! It is waiting for the refill agenda 2015 inside...

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  7. Hi i would like to clarify that I do not sell my collection. I have taken quite some time to collect them. The limited edition illustre ones are bought many years back at the LV store and I have been using them for a couple of years.

    Thank you andemk. I enjoy looking through the forum. I was browsing though this club for quite some time and decided to post as I felt safe with many like minded agenda lovers. Not many people around me use agendas these days due to convenience of smart phones.

    I do feel quite contradicted about the recent agenda refills. I love the new concept and water colour illustrations but I don't like how LV has taken out some essential elements such as the month view page and mini stickers.

    Hi Brndwhyn, the carmencitas are bought from various Hermes shop at the airport. I get my husband to pop by every time he travels. It's quite hard to find them, the stores do not carry a lot of it. It took me quite some time to collect them and match the agendas.
  8. I got the pocket agenda cover in Damier Graphite yesterday. Woohoo!! The LV refill was too busy for what I need, so I got a Montblanc horizontal calendar refill. They also have vertical calendar refills available.



  9. I love the Graphite! I wish they made that in the PM size. :crybaby:
  10. Yah, I wish they offered more products in the Graphite. (Ahem, mini pochette)
  11. I thought it'd be okay to ask this here... can anyone tell me how much the monogram agenda mm is now in US dollars? I don't see it on the LV site online. Thanks!
  12. I just got my 2015 LV refills, they are so pretty! I can't really tell anyone else cause they wont understand.

  13. Can you post some pictures? Especially of the sticker page and bookmark? I got my agenda 2 months ago and bought the 2014 trunks complete refill instead of the 2015. I did it even though the year would be ending soon cause I was so ready to start filling it up.
  14. I apologize in advance as I have the world's worse camera on my phone! I took out the watercolor pictures that were included in the refill and there was no monthly pages. :pout:

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  15. First post - wooo!

    I've been stalking several threads and finally signed up!

    I would be a member of this club, had I not had a disappointing experince in the Selfridges Townhouse Store, London.

    I was looking to buy a pocket agenda cover in monogram (and the 2015 insert) so I asked for a 2014 insert too but was told that I would have to pay full price!

    I mean it is December, the only people this insert would be useful for are people buying a new agenda cover and want to use it right away (Me).

    I am a regular LV customer too with a Palk Backpack (which I was wearing) and even had a conversation with the SA about the VIP Monogram cardholder I have from the launch of that store which has 'NOT FOR SALE' stamped inside. (A Limited Edition piece for free - YAY)

    I thought this was a shocking way to treat a loyal customer so I decided not to puchase the cover or either insert and instead got a preloved Epi PM Agenda which is on its way to me :biggrin: