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    come on every one.. show us your little life organizers! :tender:

    mine is.. small ring vernis pearl! :love: it started organizing mylife in 23/8/2006 :upsidedown:

    waiting to see yours :flowers:
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  2. I love the vernis pearl!

    Here's mine - a Epi Myrtille Medium Agenda.
  3. Mono Koala with Rose interior...


  4. My Mandarin Epi Agenda

  5. I LOVE that interior! This is the first time I have seen it..... :love:
  6. beautiful :girlsigh:
    keep them comming girls :jammin:
  7. Here's my Monogram Mat Medium Agenda Noir, which i got on March 16, 2006:tender:. It's really more of a gunmetal-gray, so here's how it looks with and without flash :flowers:.
    agenda 003.jpg agenda 005.jpg mat agenda 001.jpg mat agenda 002.jpg
  8. Beautiful, ladies!!

    question-- is the small ring agenda PRACTICAL to use for everyday?? Or is it alittle too small? Also, what do you use for a pen? LV or different brand?
  9. i got the medium agenda because i found the small one was too difficult to write in. or maybe i just have too many things going on :P. but the medium is a more practical size. and i use a regular pen; they all fit quite well in it.
  10. i have regular small ring agenda and mini-mini version which i bought over 10 years ago!! discontinued (it came with a gold pensile!) but they still make refill book. :P :heart:

    i used to use LV refill for my small ring .... all i really wanted was ruler and stickers --- so now i use hello kitty ones! haha:heart:
    DSC03926.JPG DSC03927.JPG DSC03924.JPG
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  11. I have a black Mc agenda


    Sorry I cant locate a pic of just the agenda.

    I have the white mc address book but I use it as a card holder.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  12. depends on how busy your life is! ;) mine is really too busy for the small, but I use it to keep my lists and notes with me, business cards and store loyalty cards. i also put some receipts in there as well.

    i've been thinking of getting a medium agenda in the near future...
  13. I like the small size, it fits in all my bags without taking up much room. I just bought a green pen...finally. I kept waiting for one to show up on Elux but it never did. Picked one up last time I was in the store.

  14. How do you find this agenda fitting into your denim and other speedy bags ?
  15. Thanks for the info, ladies!!