The Agenda- A Must Have!!!

  1. I have read TPF on the agendas and never really looked at one for me. Last week in the store, I checked them out, and much to my surprise, I found I NEEDED one!!!:p Now, I wonder how I lived without one before! I got the large in damier. It is very handy. With all my kids' appointments, my appointments, my to-dos!! Very nice. And so much nicer than the calender with paper clips holding my important papers! Just wanted to let anyone know, that if they were thinking about an it, you won't regret it!:yes:
  2. But I always forget to take notes in it and at the end of the year my agenda looks as if it is never been own by anyone before :p
  3. Lol..sounds like me.
    I never really wanted one before, then I saw the Plum Suhali one at the store one day and fell in love. Now I don't go without it :lol:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Totally agree, agendas are amazing!
  6. I agree I am so much more organized when I use my agenda! It's still a work in progress of course...
  7. Agendas are really handy. I have the damier koala agenda and I use it every day. Congrats on your large damier!