The age old question - condition whiskey legacy leather or not?

  1. I know I am going to be a freak about my new whiskey Ali, so I'm thinking of conditioning it to make me feel a little better about carrying it! Has anyone done this, and how did it come? And does anyone have that link to the Apple Conditioner again? This stuff is supposed to be better than the Coach stuff, right?
  2. I just got mine in December and from all that I have heard and read, I will not condition mine.
  3. I'm not going to c ondition mine (it's camel, and lighter than yours), as it will naturally patina and get smooshier with time.
  4. I conditioned my whiskey slim flap and it came out Beautiful! No problems. Takes out scratches and the whiskey color looks so "rich " to me.
  5. I have conditioned all of my legacy leather with apple.. love the stuff! :love: the link is HTH! :tup:
  6. I haven't conditioned any of my Legacy bags. Although if I had the Apple conditioner I might try it.
  7. I condition all of my legacy bags! I have the whisky Ali too and I use the conditioner on her too! It takes out all of the scratches
  8. As long as the leather is not vintage leather, you can condition it - if it is vintage leather any sort of conditioner will ruin it.

    IMO conditioning is unnecessary :biggrin:
  9. A lot of people feel the way you do about conditioning but to say it will ruin it is a bit absolute. Many people have conditioned Legacy bags like Ali and have not ruined the leather. Unless you are talking about a different kind of leather. You definitely want to avoid one that has silicone in it which is why the Apple is so good.
  10. People are free to do anything they want to with their bags, because it is their money. It's just a word of caution, especially if you use anything other than Coach conditioner...they won't help you if the leather gets ruined.

    Not worth the gamble to me, especially when the leather isn't made to be conditioned in the first place.

    And vintage leather will get ruined, you will know if your bag is vintage leather because it will be specified on the care card.
  11. But as some of us were discussing in another thread on this, what are you worried about? If it's discoloration then you can test it in an inconspicuous spot like under the strap. But enough people have used Apple on I think just about every color now and no one is reporting that it has discolored it. If it's the warranty you're worried about, well they won't/can't fix a scratched up bag or one discolored from wet spots like rain, etc (they'll say it's normal wear and tear) so if the Apple keeps it looking newer longer then that sounds good. And conditioning shouldn't affect hardware warranty issues like broken turnlocks. It's interesting the wide divide on this issue but like you said...people are free to do what they want with their own bags. But I think you can't make a blanket statement that it *will* ruin the leather when not a single person who has posted about using the Apple conditioner has mentioned it ruining the leather unless my poo poo brain is forgetting someone. I think it's fair to say that there is the possibility that it *might*. But again evidence (at least that is posted on here) is to the contrary.
  12. I stand by my statements, especially the 'it is your bag' part. And not every bag is made of vintage leather, which is all I specified will get ruined - just read your care cards and trust what they have to say about it. That's all I'm going to say.
  13. And I'll end by standing by the fact that while Coach says not to condition it that people can search on here and see the results of people who were unhappy about the scratching, etc or wanted to avoid it and decided to condition their bags specifically the Ali and Legacy shoulder bags (vintage leather bags I believe) which weren't ruined by it. But again, it's up to each person to make the call and there are plenty of posts on here over the last few months and more on this to help figure it out.
  14. I just got a panic attack from reading this whole posting! :boxing:
  15. After much consideration and research I went against Coach's recommendation and I conditioned my Whiskey Ali (vintage leather?) not only did it take out the scratches, I find that it does not scratch as easily now, before it seemed to scratch everytime it touched something, Coach recommends "rubbing" out the scratches with your hand, but I was starting to feel like a purse pervert for rubbing it so often! :shame: