"The Advisor" strikes again!

  1. So my aunt from Winnipeg is always calling me her "Advisor" because I always give her good advice on what LVs to get and not get. Last Fall I suggested the Damier Geant Loup to her husband and he got it and loves it.

    Anyways, this weekend my Aunt drove to Edmonton to visit her daughter for her 23rd birthday. My aunt was planning to buy my cousin her first LV for her birthday today.

    I was telling my Aunt how I use my Antigua MM everyday and like it.

    So I just got a call from my Aunt saying that my cousin got the same bag as me except red with purple straps! :shocked:

    And my Aunt bought the Antigua flat pouch with the navy stripes.

    Also, and I totally can't believe this, my uncle in Edmonton, upon hearing about the upcoming price increase from the SA decided to go back to the LV counter (this was after everyone was done buying LVs and were having coffee)...anyways, they went all the way back so that he could buy the black Damier Geant Loup! My aunt was trying to make me guess what he bought and told me it was one of my "advised" LVs. lol

    I couldn't believe it because when I bought my first LV I was staying at his house in Edmonton, and he was bashing authentic LVs, saying that fakes are just as good....and now a year later he buys an authentic one! :shocked:

    *Hears twilight zone music*
  2. wow great LV family :tup:. your aunt and uncle sounds cute :smile:.
  3. Don't you love it when people actually listen to you? It must be fun to have a family of LV lovers, you can all enable each other!
  4. Its unbelieveable that everyone is buying everything that I suggest! Weird!

    And only my aunt and uncle from Winnipeg are into LV...my parents are against it.

    My Dad goes "Louis Vuitton?! :cursing: Must be expensive!"

    Or he goes, "Holt Renfrew?! :cursing: What did you buy?!"

  5. Yay!!! You are the advisor! That's wonderful that your relatives listen to your great advice!!
  6. Lol at least he listened to you-that's great!!
  7. I thinks it's a nice feeling to have the people around you support and enjoy your same interests!
  8. that's great! you have converted your uncle!
  9. Good job. =P I'm glad he got to his senses. ;)
  10. Its all your doing...and your doing a great job!!!!

    Its nice to share LV purchases with family...I wish I could with mine...ughhhhh
  11. Hey you're converting everyone! I'm working through my friends like that muahaha!!!
  12. You've made him a convert. How cool.
  13. congrats on converting them!
  14. Seriously, I thought hell would freeze over before I'd see him buy an LV bag! :wtf: But my Aunt from Winnipeg was saying that they were having coffee at Tim Hortons when all of a sudden something came over him! :lol:
  15. LOL @ my uncle who bought his first LV. My aunt just emailed me and said, "The next day he woke up and said what happened, must have been something in the coffee........!!" :lol: