The Advice/Reviews of Paula Begoun

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  1. Does anyone here check out products on Paula's site before using them? Do you agree with her reviews? Is she usually spot on?

    I am tired of spending hundreds of dollars on products that make great claims but don't actually do anything. A product may have 10% AHA but if the pH is too high, it won't do much of anything. It is very hard for a consumer to determine the pH of most products out there. (That's just one example.)

    So, is Paula's advice usually quite good or do you find she steers people toward her own line of products?
  2. I like to read her reviews of skincare products because lots of times there will be "a new miracle ingredient" in skincare products and I like reading from her what has been scientifically proven to work. I'm not too into her makeup reviews because alot of her makeup reviews are just her opinion. For example she will give some eye shadows a bad review because she does not like shimmery or glittery eye shadows. So sometimes I'll check her reviews but I also like to check makeupalley reviews and try the product out in person.
  3. I read her reviews as reference sometimes. However I don't find all her products are that great for my skin.
  4. Try Alpha Hydrox brand for a good pH, FYI. It's also affordable.
  5. I have been following Paula for a while. I agree with most of her advice, minus a few things (like her negative stance on all essential oils).
    Her toners, antioxidant serums, and BHA products are the best you'll find anywhere. They're much more affordable than high end brands (and often much better imho).
    Her new two items are amazing (BHA 9 and Resist Pure Radiance).
    I'm impressed with all of her skin care products, I've tried many samples. I am not as blown away by her makeup products though. But I do use her Beautypedia site to find makeup she recommends.
    Overall, I have saved SO much money thanks to her. I now know how to go about getting the same results with drugstore products rather than over-priced high end items that I used to think were better because of the price.
    I find her genuinely unbiased. She raves about her favorite products from other brands all the time on

    Oh also, her ingredients dictionary on her cosmeticcop site is useful!
  6. I love Paula! Her advice, her products, everything.
  7. Thank you all!
  8. I always have a look at what she's got to say about a product before buying it and won't go for an 'unhappy face' one. I use her reviews to weed out stuff and also like what she says about product and skin type - for example, somethings described (or assumed) to be for combination skin, and yet she might say it's best for normal/dry skin, so I've come across products that I wouldn't have normally considered.
    I know she does always seem to blow her own trumpet as well. Have to say one of my favourite moisturisers is hers though - Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment cream and go into a mild panic when I'm running low...:biggrin:
  9. Thanks all.

    I have been finding her reviews quite useful as us general consumers don't normally have access to pH levels, etc., to know if a product is formulated so that it actually works.

    I ordered her Resist line and am looking forward to seeing how it works for me. It is more steps than I am used to.
  10. Wow I had no idea that site existed. Interesting that they confirmed my thoughts on Nerium AD, but apparently the stuff I am using got a sad face as well. Kinda bummed since I picked it because it was a more natural brand.
  11. If it works for your skin, then use it. Everyone is different, so if you like the results, then use it.
  12. I've never used any of her products. I like her site and being able to read unbiased reviews, and see all the "fabulous new miracle ingredient" claims addressed fairly.

    That said, some of my all-time favorite products that give me great results are "sad face" products on her site.
  13. I always check her reviews before skincare purchases. I don't know whether her research is valid or not, but since there's no other basis to objectively assess skincare, I'm willing to listen.

    Many times she gives a less-than-smiley-face simply because of jar packaging, so I tend to ignore this advice as so few products are packaged in tubes and pump bottles.
  14. Jar packaging exposes ingredients to light and air (and bacteria) so depening on the ingredient, the effectiveness of it can be destroyed by light and air. As an aside, this is information I had from research and not just by going by what Paula says.

    Since it is so hard for a consumer to know the pH level of a product or the % of an active ingredient, I find her site very helpful in identifying products that are formulated in a way that the active ingredient can actually work.
  15. YES - its such a turn off.