The Adventurous Tulum Club!

  1. PM, GM, either way is OK - post yours here!:yahoo:
  2. I am hoping to become a member VERY SOON!!!:graucho:
  3. Me! Me! I have a GM. I'll post it when I get home!
  4. You must join us! :yes: There's no use in resisting!
  5. Pochette Tulum (it's too cute!)
  6. I want to be a part of this club :girlsigh:
  7. me too =( I want the GM, i love yours hippiechic!!
  8. just got mine last month while on vacation in maui!
  9. I'll be joining soon I hope too!
  10. I guess the Tulum line hasn't really picked up yet since there don't seem to be many people in this club! I recently bought the Tulum GM and am :love: it! I was looking for a messenger bag and loved how the GM was a "dressier" style of messenger than most others. Its spacious, comfortable, cute and goes with anything! Here are my pics: (hope more will join this club soon!):yes:
    Tulum GM.jpg Tulum GM2.jpg
  11. love the yours the pm or gm you have any pics of the top, side, back and inside...I am going to buy an LV and cannot decide..this one is so unique so it is in the this subform
  12. I love love love all your tulums ladies!!
  13. i loveeeeee the PM, its sooo cute!!!!!!
  14. cmorton, I do love your TULUMs :love: so gorgeous and cute :nuts:
    I hope I will join this club soon :shame:
  15. OMG!!! i am so in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your Tulum GM!!! :love:

    Hope to join the club soon!