The Adventures of Tallulah, the Traveling Twilly (version 2.0)

  1. Tallulah the Twilly came into the Hermes world just as any other (partly) spoiled girl, stubborn and drawn-out.

    It was a pristine September day when Vlad and I decided it was time to start a new journey in life with something to watch over. Not a child, we are totally not there yet. Not even a dog, a little too much for us (Vlad especially who would need tons of training). Not a new plant, our Love Cactus is already 4/5ths dead (don't ask me how we managed to do that!).

    Ah-ha. It was time for a Twilly. One that would travel the world to visit a plethora of lovely tPF ladies and gents.


    But Tallulah did not make it easy for us to find her. First we realized the nearest breeder was over 2 hours away. So we packed up our car, got very excited, and headed out on a journey. With Vlad behind the wheel, we were making stellar time to get our dear Tallulah. Too bad the police officer with the radar gun in Ashland, Ohio wanted to spoil our journey. Vlad and I flew around a turn, and then we saw him, Deputy C. He saw us, we saw him, and it was over. The lights began to flash and Deputy C pulled onto the highway. Vlad, being the clueless man that he can be, kept repeating, "Did he get us? No not us! Did he?" Why yes, of course, he did. Deputy C did not take it easy on us. The ticket was harsh (and his FIRST EVER!) and Vlad and I were at least 20 minutes behind schedule to find our dear Tallulah, and $110 poorer. Vlad that is, not me (ha! Sucker!).

    We continued on our journey, only this time going the speed limit. I had to explain to Vlad that here in the US, we do not have autobahns. He was bummed. So on we headed, north, toward Lake Eerie. But on this Monday, Tallulah's breeder was closed. We had to stay overnight somewhere and wait until morning.

    eddies-grill.jpg eddies-grill1.jpg burgers1.jpg

    Where better to stay than grandma's house?? We headed to the lake and then east, where we could find my grandma and some grub. Lucky for us, our favorite burger joint was open just one more weekend and we had to take a pit stop. Vlad was under the impression that holiday's don't count into healthy eating/diet days, so he ate TWO double cheeseburgers, fries, and TWO sugar-ades, I mean lemonades. I merely had a double hamburger, fries, and one lemonade. Such a lady I am. The place was crowded and all we could think about was our dear Tallulah, ok, and the mouth-watering-food we were scarfing down. But we would find her in the morning.
  2. tomatoes.jpg flowers.jpg flowers1.jpg

    We went back to grandma's, looked around the garden, ate again, went to Lake Eerie to throw some pebbles and look for some pebbles, and then rested up for the rest of our journey.

    vlad-lake.jpg megs-lake.jpg
  3. vlad-mustang.jpg

    In the morning we awoke to birds chirping and hunger pangs (of course). We ate again and were off before we knew it. Tallulah's breeder is in a quaint upper-class town outside Cleveland, Ohio named Chagrin Falls. We found our way down winding roads to the quaint little street that Tallulah lived on. In a historic century brick home, Cuffs Clothing store can be found.


    We walked inside of this quaint luxurious home, and headed straight to the small but ample Hermes boutique. We were greeted by a lovely woman, who asked what we were looking for and we told her a Twilly!

    hermes-cleveland.jpg hermes-cleveland1.jpg
  4. hermes-boxes.jpg hermes-boxes1.jpg

    There Tallulah was, brand new, and waiting to be taken around the world. We picked up her, showed her (and her new brother, the Vert Olive Agenda) around Chagrin Falls, and were off again! It was time for Tallulah to begin to travels around the world. She made it back for a split second, and then off she went to NYC to meet with the Hermes ladies and meet her predecessor ;)

    And so begins The Adventures of Tallulah, the Traveling Twilly (version 2.0)!

    Not before we got another meal in though, of course :amuse:

    corned-beef.jpg corned-beef1.jpg
  5. oh my gosh those burger. yummo. how fun. I want to come visit! great pics. reminds me of home. thanks megs
  6. Yummy! Burgers and fries wow...the only thing that would top that off would be thick creamy shake!!

    Can't wait to see Twilly in action!
  7. ^ Of course!!

    I got word that we will have some great pics coming soon!!!! Tallulah must have had quite the night with the NYC gals :graucho:
  8. this is going to be a lot of fun!!!!! :nuts::nuts:
  9. Can't wait for Tallulah's report of the NYC meet!
  10. I dont know what Cuffs is, but a sign that says Hermès, Gallery, and Vin points straight to paradise in my book!!!


    So sorry to hear about the speedy ticket Vlad.....!!!
    Thank again, you two, for this great new chapter in travelling Hermes goodies!
  11. This Is Absolutely The Cutest Place & I Love This Thread So Far!!!!

    ***CB ~ I Just Read Your Signature...Baby Japster The 3rd Is On His Way:yahoo:
  12. OMG, I would be willing to follow this thread just for the food!
  13. What fun!:heart:
  14. Neat!

  15. Me too! :nuts: