The Administration and Mod Appreciation Thread

  1. :heart: This is a place to show some love! :heart:

    (feel free to name names if the need be)

    Megs and Vlad, first of all, thank you SO much for creating this Forum! I have had so much fun and have met so many wonderful people.

    To the rest of the Mods, thank you so much for keeping us in line! (;))

  2. :flowers:

    We appreciate it!! thanks a ton!!
  3. anyone else hear crickets chirping?

    I think this is going to be a very quiet thread,

    Seriously though, it's VERY appreciated, thank you:tender:
  4. ^ I'll talk to you Swank, you do awesome!! :heart:
  5. Yay, Swanky!
  6. That is so sweet of you to say caitlin!
  7. here goes a WOOT![​IMG]

    luv all you folks!! [​IMG]
  8. I think all the Mods do an awesome job!!!
  9. :tup: A big thank you to all the admin and is very much appreciated.
  10. I'm enjoying this board & thank you for all your work!
  11. I've thanked them several times in various threads, but maybe they didn't happen to read my posts.

    Vlad and Megs are special people to support a positive environment here--such a nice change from some others I've been on. And they attract good people. All the mods deserve a big thank-you. The ones I've dealt with most are Prada's Meadow, Kellybag, Swanky, Jag, John5, Amanda; I'm sure I'm leaving someone out and it's unintentional--you are all super and keep us in line (which we need sometimes!) and are very tolerant of our mistakes.

  12. Woot woot!!! You're welcome!!!

    I want to thank V & M for creating this kicka** forum... without it, I dunno what I would do in my freetime! :sweatdrop: :shrugs:
  13. Crickets? Naw. ;)


    THANKS A MILLION TO VLAD AND MEGS for conceptualizing this AWESOME place :okay:

    Thanks to all the other mods, (I won't name names b/c I might forget someone and from my experience, ALL the mods rock :rochard: )!

    There is a certain mod that seems to always capture what I'm about to say before I say it.........SWANKY ;)!!!! Ok, so you get a special shout out because........great minds think alike :lol:
  14. :winkiss:Edsbgrl

    I think y'all stepped on the crickets!:love:
  15. YAY for the mods!! :yahoo: :woohoo: