The Adele Leopard or Macha Waltz????

  1. Does anyone have these bags??

    Is the Adele real small or is it a decent size??
    here's a picture:

    was wondering how much stuff can fit into it.

    What about the Macha Waltz?
    too small? looks squaty to me like you don't see much LV logos.
    how much can you fit into that bag??
    here's one:

    is that one real??

  2. Go for the Macha, you have plenty of time to get the Adele
  3. My vote is for the Waltz! : )
  4. ''

    But doesn't it look small??

    I wonder how much stuff you fit into that??:s

    Some pictures of the Adele look small also.
  5. isnt the waltz the one Irene has ?
  6. I like the adele :biggrin:
  7. ^ I love the Adele but the Waltz has long been discontiued and would be harder to get, I say get the Waltz!
  8. Waltz Macha!!!:love:

    Bag Fetish, mine is Waltz Oskar (the larger one).
  9. I have the Waltz Macha and it is smaller than the adele and a little less flashy because it doesn't have the gold or leopard, etc. I prefer the Waltz !!
  10. I like the adele!
  11. i love both, but i vote for waltz :smile: coz its already discontinued
  12. Of the two, I prefer the Adele, but if it were the Oskar Waltz, I'd go with that- the larger size really translates into a better-looking bag :love: Just ask Irene ;)

  13. :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: