The actual trends you´ve seen people turned into fashion crime ??

  1. Well not too many but I have to point out the leggings worn on the wrong body type,
    and leopard surprinsingly still seems to appeal to old women who found an piece in their closet......jackets, tops, bags put together with 80´s black leather ...
    Definitely not Gwen Stefani but more of a "Pigalle" look.

    P.S "Pigalle" = a red quarter in Paris
  2. leggings with a short shirt
  3. Low-rise jeans. When one's love handles are bigger than the waist, and on teenage girls who have to halt mid-run to tug them up (seen this morning).
  4. (usually very young) women and teens who have obviously spent a great deal of time and effort learning to apply makeup that would be perfect if they were in front of a camera, but in the light of "real life" day, instead of enhancing their beauty, it masks it.

    Muffin-tops. Again, the perpetrator is usually very young. If you wish to wear coin-slot rise jeans with tops that skim the belly button, please remember that size is just a number. Go ahead and get your jeans in the next size up. It will actually make you look thinner.

    Short women of all ages who wear pointy toed shoes without considering that the shoe is adding two or three inches of length to their foot, and thus appear to be on their way to the Sesame Street studio, where they will be guest-starring as the letter "L."

    Same group of perpetrators who have heard that wide legged-pants will give them balance. What is seldom noted on the TV shows that stress this point, which is indeed true in some cases, but if you are short, the pant that on someone else gives balance can very easily draw the eye down to all that cloth near the floor, and give you Clown Pant Syndrome.

    Shrugs that tie under the bust worn by ladies with ample bosoms. A more flattering way to participate in that trend would be to wear a full length vee-necked cardigan, with one button buttoned to mimic the "fly-away" look.

    People who put too much goo in their hair, thus defeating the purpose of those layers that the stylist put there to give the hair movement!
  5. The editing period expired before I could emphasize that petite ladies with proportionate, dainty feet may indeed get that illusion of length benefit of the pointy toed shoes. However, if Mother Nature has mischievously chosen to accessorize your 5'2" frame, for example, with size 8 feet, for example ( as she did in my case) the last place you want extra length is that poor foot, and that is where you will get it with a pointy toed shoe.

    A better strategy will be to choose pants from which only your round or very slightly tapered (classic Keds are a good example of slightly tapered) toe peeks, with a quarter to a half inch of clearance all around, whether the shoe has a high heel or a flat one)

    Try on the pants, don't read the label. The pant that is tapered on your tall sister with the curvy, full legs may be your boot cut, even your flare!
  6. OMG! I was in the Halloween store looking for a costume for my husband, and there was a girl there with WHITE leggings. You could see her black thong through them. She had on a short shirt and blue Uggs. It was terrible. I had to call a friend immediatly to tell her. I couldn't get a pic because it was too dark in there to show up on my cell phone.
  7. I am not sure if these are trends but they make me laugh. Glitter and beads usually the do it yourself emblishments on clothing . This new legging look really is cute on my daughter and her friends in school with their pleated skirts but on the over 30+++ women it really looks a bit of let's relive the 80's. I mean do people look in the mirror to see what they look like. Maybe if you are a size 2 you can get away with it. There are too many older women who are dressing like their high school daughters. Hate the low rise jeans with thongs.....UGH...Surprised at the number of 40+ women wearing them.
    I do see the heavy drag makeup some women wear without realizing what they actually look like in the sun. Not flattering, hate the brown lined lips with light pink lipstick. Where did this look come from? Don't quite like the eyeliner that my friends all did in high school and now I see it is back again, only one needs a steady hand to apply it. Still wondering why some women still wear their high school hair??? I mean it's been 20+ years for these women in my neighborhood, one would think they could find a new style. Maybe I am a bit taken back because living in Florida people were more natural looking with the beach look and then Palm Beach had the elegant glamour or the totally out of here looks. Now that I am in New Jersey again it seems like nothing changed from 25 years ago. There is still mall hair and makeup and nails.It's like Saturday Night Fever and Working Girl movies......I miss Florida way too much.
  8. gilliana, it's about proportion. Even if you're not a size two, if your legs are long and slender, or if you're short, if they are slender, and you look good in a mini-skirt WITHOUT leggings, then you will look fine in a grownup-up-style mini-skirt and leggings.

    There is no birthday where you must throw away this and start wearing that. Just ask Miss Tina Turner about older ladies and mini-skirts!

    If you don't have slender legs, don't look good in a mini-skirt, and possibly didn't look exactly terrific in them when you were 16, but you love leggings, think more in terms of South Asian churidar pants, with the "ruching" down at the ankles, especially with a longish tunic. You can thus have your leggings, avoid that 80s look and instead move into the timeless and classic world of East-West fusion!

    The brown (or for brunettes usually blue) lipliner thing started when an old show business makeup trick got out of the bag about 20-odd years ago and was naturally immediately seized and horribly misused and abused by women who had nothing to do with show business, and were not going to be in front of any cameras anywhere.

    Lining your lips in this way DOES make them look fuller - but only from a distance, under lights, as when one is on a stage, or when one is in front of a film and video camera, again, with lots of lights - not when Grandpa is videoing the twins' first birthday party! Up close and personal, dark lip liner looks like just that - darker lip liner.

    If you want to use lip liner, you should choose one as close to the natural color of your lips as possible, and do not extend it beyond what the doctors refer to as "the vermillion border."

    A better trick for fuller lips is to use a pale, slightly shimmery pink pencil and draw a line above your upper lip, then just use clear lip gloss. The shimmer in the pencil will reflect the light, giving the illusion of fuller lips - and without the brown and blue bruise lines!

    (Darker skins blend the pink pencil, lighter skins don't need to bother)
  9. shimma puff you are cracking me up !!!
    everything you are saying is so true.. i love the coin slot jeans !!!!!!!
    them thin girls where the pants to small and pushes all the fat(what lil they have) up and over the top of the jeans, thus appearing to make them look nasty as my 10 year old would say..
    squeeze yuor skinny aZZ in a bigger size !!! lol
  10. Ahh yes, the muffin look:



  11. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    :roflmfao: dunlap...i love it!!!
  12. Definitely tight jeans.. man, the muffin top look is just not attractive !
  13. Haha! I totally embaressed myself and the girls I walked up to last night (I was a little intoxicated). My sister in law threw a halloween costume party as she does every year. Almost everyone there was in costume. My brother in law, who's 18, was talking to a few girls his age who all dressed alike. They took bad fashion too far and I thought it was their costumes. They had on leggings, under denim mini's, tall Ugg's, patterned thermal shirts (when I say patterned, like penguins and horses), puffy down vests with faux fur on the hood, and huge white Paris Hilton type sunglasses on. I walked up to them to tell them I like their bad fashion costumes. One girl then said, in a snotty voice, "These are NOT costumes!" :lol: oh man did I feel stupid, but hey, now they know they looked completly rediculous.
  14. Ultra low-rise jeans worn two sizes too small. Topped off with tiny little t-shirts. Horrifying.

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: