The ACNE Boots & Footwear Thread

  1. I just purchased a pair of the tall black ACNE Pistol boots and I'm so excited! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I have been admiring them forever in tPF member Purses & Pugs' mod shots and so glad I finally got a chance to buy them from Of course now I'm eying the shorter model of the Pistol style that Caroline of Caroline Mode wears with such style but I can't make up my mind whether I should get the black or beige version. :graucho:
    ACNE Tall Pistol Boots.png Beige Pistol Boots.png Black Pistol Boots.png Blue Suede Pistol Boots.png
  2. I'm on the verge of purchasing the short pistol boots as well. I just found my beloved Isabel Marant lacow/dicker/bideu booties last week in the dark taupe color - but now I'm wanting more. I adore ankle boots.
  3. I love the short pistol boots in a dark colour. I bought the rifle boots (similar to the tall pistols but flat) and they're gorgeous. It's summer here though so I haven't been able to wear them yet. I have small feet and *athletic* calves & so I almost didn't bother trying on the rifles as they're pull on boots but they fit great.
  4. ^^Can you help me with sizing. Do they run true to size or small or large?
  5. For the Rifles I'd say true to size but if you're in between sizes you could probably size down (unless you were going to be wearing thick socks etc)
  6. What about the pistol's?
  7. I tried on the short pistol boots and they were true to size for me (8=38). These boots are hard to find!
  8. i have both the tall and short pistols and i think they are true to size. you might be able to size down in the tall pistols if you are in between sizes. i tried to size down but my calves were too big for the smaller size... (i am US7.5 and wear 38. 37 was tight for me)
    i've been wearing them everyday and they are SO COMFORTABLE.

    if you are looking for the tall ones kick pleat and creatures of comfort have the tall pistols on sale.
    the danish website youheshe has some short pistols left but i've never ordered from them before.

    don't forget to check the acne website. they have the tall grey pistols on sale in the outlet section.
  9. ^^I want the acne short pistols in black or the joli boots in black. I'm so bummed that website is sold out of the joli boots since they're on sale, and I can't find the pistol boots in my size either. What's up? Is everyone on earth a size 38? Boo.
  10. :yahoo: I just got my short Pistol boots in black & they're fantastic! I got the tall ones a couple of days ago and love them too and can't get over how comfortable both are! Thanks for the Gimme Shoes link Green.Bee! I am about to pull the trigger and get the grey short Pistols as well. :graucho:
  11. For sizing on the Pistol short boots, when you say TTS, does that mean to American sizing?

    I'm a US 9 and a Eur 40.

    What size would I be?
  12. Miss Treselle824, I don't know why your size differs. I am a size US 9 and Eur 39. I usually find that US and Eur sizes match up (e.g. my friend is a size US 8 and Eur 38). To be on the safe side I would go with the Eur 40 size. Good luck! :ghi5:



    Here are the 2 pairs I got. I went ahead and purchased the grey pair on sale at Gimme Shoes & found out that restocked the navy suede pair so I got those too! :yahoo: I'm so excited, I can't wait to get them! Can you say addicted? These are the most comfortable boots I have purchased in a long time & they're so well-made! :biggrin: I have talked my friend into getting a pair too and she's excited too! :p
    ACNE.jpg ACNE 2.jpg
  13. Thanks for this thread!
    Since the short pistols seems to be the it-shoe in Europe, it's hard not to want them! The only thing that is keeping me off is the price. It's quite a lot for such a style, and I was wondering if you could honestly say they're worth it? Like, super comfy everyday go-to worth it? Because I really need a decent pair of black boots, but I don't want to pay that amount of money just for the label.
  14. Jennytalula, I'm always leery of hyped up brands on tPF but this is one that I'm glad I went after. The boot is super-comfortable and the heel is just perfect. The craftsmanship of the shoe design is exquisite, and the exterior is quite sturdy as far as I have seen. I really am in love with the shoe. The only thing I view as a 'con' (as opposed to pro) is that the soles get scratched up pretty quickly & are pretty slippery in the beginning. I guess they could be reinforced, but I'd have to take them to a cobbler and see. I can see them wearing out quickly which isn't great for such an expensive boot. I haven't looked into the average life of the boot or what others have done to combat this so you may want to.

    Another option is to get a similar style of shoe. Online, I have seen many great versions out there that are cheaper and seem as well-made. Let me know if you need more help & good luck!