The accept the offer!! We're moving into a new house!!


Aug 16, 2007

Currently I go between my Mom's house and DF's, My "room" is still at my Moms, bless her she lets me store my stuff at her place and I do sleep there once a week when I go to visit. Anyways, she's put an offer on a house and she got it!! We'll be moving in 30 days!! Finally, took her almost a year of looking for the right house!!

I feel silly that I'm so excited to be moving, I mean first off I'm barely at my Mom's house, and second my DF and I are moving 2 hours away (for his work and finishing up our schooling) in just a few months!! Hehee, but I'll still have my bedroom at my Moms for when I visit, and because we're leaving my bedroom set behind and taking with us DF's bedroom set (it's a bigger bed and more drawers!!)

Anyways, thanks for letting me share. I'm excited for my family! I haven't been on tPF as much because I've been so busy getting ready for the move, and for the next month I'll barely be on as I finish up my semester and pack up our house!! Whoohooo!! I'm so thrilled!! :yahoo:
Oct 13, 2006
CONGRATS!!! I'm glad to know your mom have the wisdom to be patient and wait for THE perfect house :party: it's always nice to have a room in your parents house, it brings back so many good memories~ good luck to your move, you'll be a packing expert when it's your turn to move in a few months :graucho: