***The Absolutely Fabulous Ana Club***

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  1. Please show us your Ana! This is such a fabulous handbag that can be carried so many different ways! Show us please! ;)
  2. My Rose Indian Ana, fresh from the Incheon Airport LV :cloud9:
    sorry for the picture quality… the size on the website is incorrect, it's approximately 9.5 inches long and 5.5 inches high

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  3. Any mod pics? I'm seriously lusting over this! Thanks for posting!!!
  4. That is very pretty! Can you show a pic of the inside? That's my favorite vernis color;) Congrats!
  5. Huge congrats on your Rose Indian. Just lovely!

    I thought it looked longer than 6" from the website. 9.5" is so much better. She's on her way to me in Grand Bleu. Just had to take the plunge. :wlae:
  6. thanks Tulip! the size is perfect, and I can't say enough how versatile it is! I saw the Grand Bleu in person, and it is stunning! I can't wait to see yours!!! :woohoo::yahoo:
  7. Me either! She'll be here tomorrow! :yahoo:
  8. Can't wait to see it in Grand Bleu!
  9. Oh me either! It will be here tomorrow. :woot:

    I'll join the club with pictures just as soon as I can do so without getting busted by DH. :lolots:
  10. Does any of you girls know where the date code is located in the Ana? TIA
  11. The date code is located at the bottom right corner of the slots side.
  12. So happy to join this club.

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  13. So gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!
  14. Thank you so much!
  15. I am liking this bag more and more.