The Abejas Girls Sale/ Houston (In-Store Only)

  1. [​IMG]SALE



    Stop by to view our recently marked down at least 50%* off original prices.
    Check out grab baskets full of Abejas goodies marked at $5,$10, $20 and $50!

    Love, The Abejas Girls
    *(sale items available in physical store only, only selected items on sale, not valid on previous purchases. All sale items are final sale, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted.)

  2. when is this?

    i doubt i'll be back in houston by then...

    abejas has the BEST sales!
  3. OMG!! I deleted the email thinking that I had posted the entire message!! So stupid of me. I will contact the store and update this posting.
  4. Okay.....I just called the store and was told that the sale is on now and will last through the weekend. Hope this helps.
  5. awww! thanks so much!

    i called a little earlier as well...oh well.

    their sidewalk sale in late jan./early feb. is THE BEST!
  6. Can you tell me what's next to the store? I noticed it was on Kirby around the Village. I've probably passed it a million times & not noticed the store.
  7. It's right next to Azuma..the sushi restaurant. I can't wait I will definitely stop by for sure this Friday!!! Thanks for the heads up! :yahoo::wlae:
  8. yeah, it's near azuma and a furniture store. it's sort of IN the little strip, so it's definitely hard to find. they used to be on westheimer and moved a little over two years ago. it is a GREAT store!
  9. Sounds like a good sale wish I could go.
  10. ^you can!;)