The Abbey Bag

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I am struggling with what bag to buy for fall/winter. I have alot of different coach bags including the Coach Ali in whiskey. I just purchased the Weslyn Boots and haven't received them yet. Here is what bags I am considering the Abbey bag.(I found a couple on eBay) or the embossed suede shoulder bag in chocalate. I am glad that I found you guys because my husband could care less about my dilema. Thanks in advance for your reponses.
  2. HI! Welcome! :yes: Legacy embossed suede shoulder bag!!!! I LOVE that bag. It is a beauty and very comfortable to wear. :tup:
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum! Could you post some pics of what you're considering? What are you looking for in a bag? The Ali in whiskey is a great bag for fall but is there something that you need that it isn't delivering? I hope I'm making sense? Or is it just a new look you are after? The embossed suede is beautiful but I'm not sure about upkeep of suede and if you want to deal with it. I'm sure we can all help you out though! We are great enablers here!
  4. Clearly you have great taste-both of those bags are on my wishlist right now! Seriously, I do love and want both of them but I've heard that the Abbey, due to its shape, doesn't hold as much so if that would be an issue for you it's something to keep in mind. But I don't actually own the Abbey (yet, I hope!) so take my opinion for what it is-heresay. Maybe someone who owns the Abbey will chime in.
  5. HI! WELCOME! I am not sure about the upkeep of suede either, especially if you have small children! It IS a beautiful bag though!!!! Best of luck w/ your decision!
  6. It is really a new look I am after. Here is the best pictures I could find. Thanks[​IMG]


    It is Leather flap Hobo Abbey That I am looking at.
    11138_B4CH_t.jpg 070727_stylewatch_image2.jpg
  7. Personally I would be worried about the upkeep of suede, but that's me. Also, just wanted to let you know at the outlet in Primm, NV they had several black abbey bags there marked down a lot a week or so ago. :tup:
  8. I have had a suede coach bag in the past and I am a liitle worried about the up keep also. It was a light yellow though. I didn't know if the chocalate would show as much dirt. I am also worried about getting either one wet. I didn't know how the suede would hold up if I got caught in the rain. I know sometimes I have had stuff to spot.
  9. Thanks for the info FieldsinSpring. I really want the brown. It seams that is all that I wear these days. Could i order from them though. I am in Tennessee.
  10. I've seen the Abbey, and it is really gorgeous. I love the embossed suede but I don't carry suede b/c of upkeep; I'm a low maintenance girl....

    Hope ths helps!
  11. no problem :tup: I love brown as well... at that outlet they only had black... outlets only ship to you if you pay full retail, so no sense in that! :nogood: If you call any local outlets you can ask if they have them.. if not just call a boutique and they will waive the shipping, or like you said look on eBay.. just make sure you know it is authentic.. or post on the authenticate this thread! Good luck! :tup:
  12. Thanks:tup:
  13. Woohoo!!! Another Tennesseean....welcome to the forum!!

    I fell in lust with the embossed suede when I first saw it, but I would probably get the Abbey before I would get the suede. I'm not one to baby my bags so I wouldn't want to worry about the upkeep of the suede. Especially if it would be an "everyday" bag.
  14. Thanks Spoiled Rotten. Glad to know I am not alone. I think I am leaning more toward the Abbey also.
  15. I saw the Abbey at the outlet today. A beauty, but It was pretty scratched up.:tdown: