The "A" List Celebrity Eggplant City Has Arrived...

  1. :yahoo: Well here she is! And even though she caused quite a stir here on the pf, she seems to have weathered through just fine. The handles have slight darkening and the tassles are not in the best of shape, but everything else is divine! I love the Eggplant color even more than I thought I would! And before anyone asks, I did ask chimpboy if I could have the name of the previous owner, but I have rec'd no response. If he ever answers the question, I will let you all know. I have made her a charm and braid using geniune amethyst and pink tourmaline, but I am not sure if I like the stones, so I may be changing them. I am agonizing over the thought that I may not have a need for two dark bags, so I probably should sell my Indigo City. But then again I haven't always done what I should do!
    As excited as I am with my Eggplant City, I am just as excited about my new Magenta City. I bought it on eBay a week ago for a phenomal price, and it arrived today in brand new condition! And just like my Turq Twiggy, this bag has treated me to the joy of being the bags first owner. I thought my Magenta Box was gorgeous, but it does not even come close to the beauty of this brand new City. I will post pictures of it tomorrow, and hopefully will be including new family photos. Happy New Year to all my Bal lovin friends!!!
    IMG_6598.jpg IMG_6482.jpg IMG_6584.jpg IMG_6634.jpg IMG_6638.jpg
  2. wow deana--- yr eggplant is sooo delicious!! very drool worthy :drool:
    i didn't even notice the handles!
  3. :nuts:Deana there are no words to explain how AMAZING your bag is!!
  4. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I'll kill for that bag.....:love:
  5. Deana, I LOVE that bag color!!

    Breaking out of the 05 bags huh? :graucho:
  6. it really is beautiful! i sooo want the eggplant for my first Bbag!
  7. Omg, what a lovely eggplant!!! ::ultimate drool::
  8. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    The Eggplant is very very beautiful :drool:
  9. :drool: Ooh, the leather!
    :drool: Ooh, the colour!
    And the charms are sooo cute :tender:
    Congrats on your new addition!!
  10. WOW Deana :nuts: . . . this eggplant city is AMAZING :yahoo: !!! I still LOVE this color and I know the leather is soooo smooshy and soft - just TDF :drool: !
    Thank you for sharing - enjoy it :flowers: :love:
  11. :drool:slurp~~ your Eggplant City and her charms are gorgeous!! Congrats!!:yahoo:
  12. deana, i'm so glad everything went smoothly for you. your eggplant city is gorgeous! enjoy her!
  13. lizlikeshugs(qoute) Breaking out of the 05 bags huh?

    Yep, quite a shock isn't it!
    No one tell petit papillon where I live!
    Luva must make sure it is your first one then! I sooo wanted my first one to be a Bubblegum City, and I bought her last August and she is still my fav!!!
    pursendipity, sandyinspace, Irissy, HandbagAddict4Ever, kahluamilk, firstclass1, Soleil, esile, ...thanks you guys! You're all very sweet. Eggplant in real life deffinitely lives up to it's reputation as one of the most gorgeous Bal colors! The Balenciaga elves have been very good to me this week. I did pay a bundle for it, but not only was it worth it, in the same week I bought my Magenta City for a bargain of a price! I can't wait to get pictures of it and family photos taken! I am still pinching myself over getting this 04 and a brand new Magenta City in the same week!!!
    I took these photos quickly as the sun was setting. I will take better photos in the sun later today! Now all I need is a 05 Turq City or First to have all my dream colors! I am always drooling over my photos with my turq twiggy in them!
    IMG_6422.jpg IMG_6447.jpg IMG_6417.jpg img4835uw6.jpg img4838yi5.jpg
  14. Congrats Deana! :nuts: I love loooove your eggplant :heart: All the colours in your collection are amazing :drool: I always enjoy admiring your charms btw! Must make some too ;)
  15. Aw Deana, your exquisite photos are just inspiring! Love all those colours!:love: