The A La Folie Club!

  1. Post your pictures! :tup:

    Just saw these irl today and I must say they look better irl than in pics!
  2. the ring~
    100_2314.JPG 100_2317.JPG 100_2318.JPG 100_2321.JPG 100_2322.JPG
  3. Ahh, finally someone posts in this thread! Thanks for the pics! :tup:
  4. ***sigh**** i am totally IN LVOE with the ring....gotta raise more funds then i'll get it. rawr. its BFs bday today then christmas, then Valentines Day and then Our to raise A LOT of money!!!
  5. hehee you're welcome. i'm surprised ppl haven't. it really is something isn't it? hahaha
  6. ohh, is the ring high profile like Inclusion?
  7. ^ i dont think it is as much.
  8. heres mine
    Picture 107.jpg
  9. Im really interested in the ring! To the ladies who own it - can it be adjusted? It looks like a one-size-fits-all.. I wear a size 7.5 ring, do you think it will fit me??

    thanks so much!
  10. Cute! Can't wait until it comes out in PINK!
  11. Proud member!


    If only the iphone had a place for a phone strap :graucho:, but for now I think this is all I'm hoping for from this line.
  12. It adjusts a little. It just depends which finger you want it on. I am unsure of my ring size, but I felt this fit better than the Bubble line for me.
  13. i have the braclet and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it! :smile:
  14. :wlae:[​IMG]:yahoo:
  15. I have to say I just bought the necklace in Vegas on March 5th. I'm sorry but I HATE it. That thing is constantly turning around on your neck and you have to keep turning it around. If we hadn't been leaving before I could get back there I would have returned it. Guess I'll have to put it on eBay.