the $98 Key Fob

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  1. I ordered the Legacy Turnlock Keyfob. I can't beleive I was willing to pay $98 for well... a skinny.

    But I loved the color and I just liked it overall...a little more style than the a basic skinny.....the description on the web says it will hold a credit card. So I was thinking will hold the Drivers L, and a credit card.

    Well It's a LOVELY color and really cute. And even tho it does seem to be the right size to hold a card or 2 - the zipper doesn't open all the way to the edge on the top (it doesn't have a little vent like a skinny) so it is physically not possible to actually get the card in there.

    Did anyone else buy it? As much as I love it - I'm thinking I'll take it back - just because it doesn't work. And maybe later if they have it at the outlet at a deal get it - just because it's so darn cute!

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  2. I think it is super cute but if it isn't functional for anything I definitely wouldn't spend $98 on it!!! It is pretty though!
  3. It's so pretty, but not affordable for me.
    Would buy it if I was independently wealthy!!!
  4. It is definitely adorable, but if it is not functional, then I would return it! As you already said, $98 is a lot for a mini skinny, especially if you can't really use it!
  5. I have it and I love it. I put my car key on the outside fob, my house and other keys in the zipper compartment (don't use those much), and my Starbucks card in the exterior pocket. Makes for an easy dash in for coffee. :smile:
  6. Yikes, you should deff. take it back. I can see paying that much for it(its super cute!!), but if it doesnt even hold ONE card?? Meh, it would be going back if it were me!
  7. I wanted one when they first came out - actually went to the store to buy it, but they had to order it, so I was going to call back about it the next day, then I got sidetracked by my Soho satchel! Its cute - but if it doesnt fit much, yea then its a rather large, $98 keyring!!
  8. Probably they expect you'd put change in the zipper compartment and cards in the outside pocket. But not everyone uses them the same. :smile: It really is too cute.
  9. ohh it is so cuteeee
  10. Ooh. I just love it--but if it's definitely not functional for you, I'd return it! I'd probably do something like keep my flash drive and cash in the main compartment and put a card in the outside pocket. Do you think that would fit?
  11. aww that sucks that it doesn't open enough! I hate when that happens
  12. Too cute for words!!:drool:

  13. That would probably work....ima_ailurophile mentioned putting her Starbucks card in the the outside pocket. It's a little tight and didn't want to force it since I'm not keeping it....I do LOVE the color.

    I love my mini skinnys - I frequently just take one with the DL a CC and my keys. That's how I would have used this.
  14. Loves it- I'll definitely be getting one if it pops up at my local outlet.
  15. Yes, this is true! Check out the pics that show it...there's a thread that discusses this point. This is why I personally chose not to order it, but my SA told me a couple of days ago that there were only 14 left at JAX...YIKES!!