The $90 Petite Bucket

  1. I wish to share the story of my friend's first Vuitton bag 30 some odd years ago.

    She happened into the Vuitton store and saw the bag she could not resist-a monogram canvas Petite Bucket-with the whopping price tag of $90. It was the most expensive bag she had ever seen let alone dare to own. The purchase transpired...she left the store with complete elation mixed with trepidation regarding her husband's reaction.

    At home...he saw the bag and asked "How much?" "$90! How could you spend $90 on a purse!" Keep in mind back then, a loaf of bread could be had for 35 cents.

    He packed up the Petite Bucket with all it's wrappings and marched back to the store for a return. Well...the SA must have been very good at her job. When he returned home, not only was he carrying the Petite Bucket, but he also had a ladies wallet to match.

    My friend happily used that one bag day and night for the next 3 1/2 years. It had become quite worn; she had Vuitton repair/refurbish it and it was returned looking good as new. In the past, Vuitton did this service free of charge for their clients.

    She still has that bag to this day...among her now bigger collection.

    And of course...she still has her Dear Husband.
  2. What a sweet story!! That SA must have really had a heart to heart chat with the hubbie. Thanks for sharing.
  3. :girlsigh: Awww this is nice. Thank you for sharing:flowers:
  4. Such a cute story!! Thanks for sharing. It's hard to believe the LV bags used to go for $90! :nuts:
  5. Such a cute story!!
  6. can that SA have a chat with my hubby???
  7. what a sweet story..thank you for sharing...what a sweet DH too! This story makes me want to cherish my lvs for ever..
  8. aww how cute! noone can resist louis vuitton! :P
  9. Oh, that is so cute! Such a great story, thanks for sharing.
  10. Great story! Love it!!:flowers:
  11. $90!! WOW, imagine if she sold that now.... =)

    what a sweet husband though and an awesome SA!
  12. What a sweet story! My first LV was a Petite bucket, too, and it is still my favorite and most carried bag.
  13. that's such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing
  14. That SA must have been REALLY good.. !!
  15. Damn, you can't even buy a Fossil bag for $90 now! What a great story!