the $7000 flap :O

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  1. Finally saw the $7000 flap from the runway in the boutique. :sad: If i were to invest that much in a bag, it better be birkin;)
  2. I don't like Birkins, I'd prefer a $7k Chanel! LOL!
    But, I'd never, ever spend that kind of $ on a bag personally.
  3. hm.... i'd rather spend 7k on a nice vacation in alaska to watch the iditarod....
  4. I'd rather spend 7k elsewhere, but I'd like to see what a 7K chanel bag looks like?
  5. I'd rather buy a pice of furniture!
  6. wow thats a lot of money to spend on a purse. i dont think ive seen it before. does anyone have pics?
  7. Omg! 7000???
  8. 7k Chanel is better!
  9. Crikey! Now that is high end spending, does anyone have a pix?
  10. I have yet to see the charms reissue in real life.
  11. 7k bag? wowza! I'd use the money to go on a vacation with the hubby instead. :smile:
  12. Now there's a vacation destination you don't hear every day. You would need more than that just to outfit yourself in Chanel ski wear to keep warm!
  13. I'd rather buy a Chanel watch. :smile:
  14. for 7k you could buy a couple of chanel bags. haven't seen a pic, is it that amazingly beautiful?
  15. Anyone has pictures/ I havent seen it at all, but I would not be crazy enough to get a 7K bag. Rather save the money and get 5 different Chanels :smile: