The 61st Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall

  1. Christina Applegate

    Jane Krakowsky

    Jeff Daniels

    Anne Heche
    Christina.jpg Christina2.jpg Jane.jpg Jeff.jpg Anne.jpg
  2. Felicity Huffman

    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

    Claire Danes
    Felicity.jpg Felicity2.jpg Naomi and Liev.jpg Claire.jpg Claire2.jpg
  3. Naomi Watts

    Vanessa Williams

    Cynthia Nixon
    Naomi.jpg Vanessa.jpg Cynthia.jpg Cynthia2.jpg
  4. I know people will think I am crazy but Naomi Watts is very pretty woman but the dress is so ugly. I think the dress makes her look so much bigger. They could of found a dress that showed off her baby belly better.
  5. ^^^^ Just like you I like Naomi, but this dress is horrible. It looks awful!
  6. vanessa williams

  7. Everyone looks so nice, but I do agree with you guys on Naomi's dress.
  8. I love Naomi, she is radiant !