The 60-Story House For One Family

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  1. [​IMG]
    This 60-storey house is for just one family

    India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is planning a palace in the heart of Mumbai with helipad, health club, hanging gardens and six floors of car parking.

    His wife, mother and three children will live there with him, looked after by 600 live-in staff. The building, already worth £500 million, could start a rush on skyscrapers

    The Daily mirror
  2. Jesus. That's very wasteful and greedy.
  3. What do they need all that space for?! And uh, 600 employees for one family? *overkill*
  4. What a waste! It's disgusting how selfish and self-centered they are.
  5. WhatEVER
  6. A bit OTT, but I sure would like to see the inside and walk around!!!
  7. That's insane.... :wtf:
  8. It's super over the top, but the hiring 600 employees thing in India is actually looked at as helping the community by many folks so I don't know if we can bash him for that.
  9. wow!
  10. What the! thats just stupid, i bet the family who are going to live there never see eachother, you'd get lost!
  11. Why do they need that much staff? ....
  12. That's what I was thinking. He is providing a good amount of jobs for the community. And I like the idea of his building up and not out! He certainly isnt wasting land.
  13. Disgusting!
  14. LOL...I think it's rather funny. If he can afford it, more power to him. I'm not gonna judge him harshly just because he has more money than I do. He can't take it with him, so he might as well spend it all up while he's here! Don't hate on the man, he's living his life and providing for his family (and obviously providing jobs for hundreds in his community). Besides, how do WE know he's wasting money? And even so, who are we to say? I'm sure he has much more money where that came from. And even if he is wasting money: It's his to waste. He could set it on fire for all I care. That's his decision.
  15. Americans, as a whole, are the most wasteful people on the planet in terms of fresh water, energy and other resources. I think we need to evaluate ourselves before bashing ONE man in India who is taking advantage of his wealth.