The $58,000 LV Bag!!!

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  1. OMG I just read in a magazine that LV has brought out a new Special/Limited Edition handbag costing almost $60,000.

    I'm not sure what it's called but it's sort of patch work, and it's made up of 15 different bags/designs. The designs are this seasons designs.

    I don't have any pics but I'm sure there are some already floating about. The bag itself is...creative. But a little too messy for my taste, like I could afford it anyway! lol!

    I think it's that expensive because it's made up of the 15 different bags. If you add all the prices up I'm sure it's reasonable.

    It's going to be very rare so you better get it quick before all the celebs pounce lol.

    :heart: Nicole
  2. I totally want to see picsss!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. [/ATTACH]

    I think one of these is the bag your are talking about.

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  4. Yep! That's it! The bottom one. The 'attached thumbnail' !
  5. oh wow, def. very busyyy pattern
  6. i heard from my SA there is a person who bought this one and only bag from Singapore boutique. gosh! so expensive... and i dun think its very nice.. but even if it is nice, i dun think i can afford it.. haha
  7. It looks like someone gorged on LV, then threw up. (sorry but that is how it looks to me).
  8. Very daring design...but very erm. weird.
  9. From some article I read, sounds like you can still get this bag in Asia, though 2 have been sold in the US. Anyone got info on this?
  10. LOL! perhaps this is the reaction to LV-aholics?? :wtf: oh nooooo!
  11. I think its a bit ugly. Has anybody been spotted with one yet? Any celebs?
  12. look like a bit messy the bag !
  13. Whoa thats freaky!!!
  14. Ugh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.