The 5 most “popular” LV bags - nice article

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  2. Speedy

    real groundbreaking stuff in this article
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  3. What a thrilling article. LOL
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  4. They may be the most classic, but I'm not sure about the most popular. I haven't seen too many Noe's out in the wild.
  5. The Capucines is not that popular. Sure some YouTubers have it but I’ve never seen one out in public. It’s pretty $$$.
  6. I wouldn’t put the Noe on the most popular list.
    It hard to say the Capucines is a popular bag, maybe in the group of people who can afford that bag. lol
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  7. I wouldn’t say noe or capucines should make that list. I see way more artsy and delightfuls out there
  8. Artsy. people love the bag.
  9. I haven’t seen anyone with Noe in a long time. Noe Noe on the other hand is taking over the LV world! Capucines is too expensive to be popular in my opinion.
  10. I think the popularity of the bags depends on the region. In the DFW area (north of the AAC), I would say the top 5 are:
    1. Speedy
    2. Neverfull
    3. Favorite
    4. Pochette Métis
    5. Alma
    I rarely see the Capucines or Noe and will never own either because they’re not my style.
  11. @EmmJay I agree with your list. I would revise the Speedy to include the Speedy B (Speedy/Speedy B25/30). Favorite is still very popular. Alma PM is the ultimate classic ladylike LV bag and people hold on to them in their collection.
  12. Just north of Neverfull, Speedy, Alma, Eva and Favorite (not necessarily in that order). I have never seen the Noe or Capucines here.
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  13. I thought about doing that but then I would need to specify the size of the Neverfull as I see more MMS than GMs for daily use. However, I notice
    I rarely see Eva’s being worn but there are a lot of them on FB Marketplace, Offer Up, and Craigslist. I got my Eva the Diva in DE in 2010 and sold her to a friend in 2013. My friend has since listed it locally. She never used it after she bought it from me. It still looks new.
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  14. Seriously, have not seen a Noe since 2000 when my college roommate had one!
    But the Capucines I’ve seen quite a bit in the New York area mostly older women though.
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