The 5 digit club...I'm in!! Big 10k, baby...

  1. Wow. Just wow. This forum rocks and I'm just so glad to be here with all y'all. So many virtual friends plus a few I've had the pleasure of meeting IRL.

    What else can I say but THANK YOU. I love you all. :heart::heart::heart:

    - PGal
  2. Yay PG :yahoo:
  3. Go PG! Sigh, I only have 8,045 posts to go until I catch up to you, so watch out!! LOL
  4. WOWSER!!!!

    Many congratulations :biggrin: thats a lot of posting :biggrin:
  5. We love you tons PG :love:
    I know I do!
  6. Congrats :party:
    I know the Purse forum is VERY addictive, but 10.000 posts? Wow!
  7. Wow, that's an exclusive club :smile:
  8. Congratulations and THEN some ! You started after me...busy fingers!

  9. Parrrrrty!

    Congrats!! - I loooove reading your posts!

  10. :drinkup:Congrats!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :woohoo: :party:
  11. Woohoo! Congrats.
  12. Congrats! I have a ways to go before I catch you, and by then you'll have 20000... hehehe... but I have lotsss of time and fast fingers! :p

    Keep posting! Swanky is needing a run for her... posts! LOL!
  13. That's the club I need to join!! Congrats!!
  14. :welcome: welcome to the club!

    heres the initiation ceremony: :bagslap:

    and the recpetion: :drinks:
  15. Here's to your next 10k :drinkup: