the £48 million divorce - what do you think?


what do you think?

  1. greedy %*&^!!!!

  2. take him for his last underwear!

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  1. ok, while I was answering in another thread (sorry if I got a little temperamental....) this came into my mind. UK people will know this story, of course, but for everyone else, this is the lowdown (read this on the plane to UK last week).

    rich business man (50something forgot his name....) and his wife (54,SAHM and loyal supporter of his) get a divorce (children grown up), basically he says the marriage was 15 years ago but he stayed for the kids. NOW: surprise suprise another woman has taken his heart. so he has to leave.

    when they started they were so poor they moved in with her parents and off he went to earn money, and so he did (in the last 15 years he made a few billion but turnover I guess). in court he offered a settlement of £20 mill, she refused, took him for the full works and got £48 mill awarded - now, that is 1/3 of his personal wealth - "poor" chap.

    in the daily mail (not the classiest paper of all) they had two people battling it out whether it was fair or not to get the £48 mill. the courts are reassessing now by the way. it was a woman and a man and yes you can predict it - the woman said no it was NOT fair and the man said yes it was. ah ah, newspaper heaven and paradies.

    the lady's argument was (famous editor of something, I don't think she has children) that she didn't need that much (£20 mill was enough), it was greedy, you couldn't put a price on her job, and my fav argument, if we take guys for such a ride than they will take us for one as well - she gave examples of friends that were earning the money (more than hubby at least) and after a divorce had to support the husband - because equal rights! so some had to sell their house etc.

    the guy's argument was that his own wife gave up a brilliant career to raise their four children and keep his mind/back clear at that front to go off and be the super successful dude that he is (not sure what he did but well known enough to meet presidents, he said). that is worht more than anything bec his wife could have had a great career but chose to make it easier for him and super perfect for their kids. so in the divorce case, just to make the point to her husband the £48 mill fight was fully justified (apparently very quietly determined lady).

    I find that both have valid arguments but the guy won me over - yes, if you want to teach someone a lesson (i.e. thanks for dumping me at this point of our lives that you are some successful man and another (I predict younger) lady comes along) best to NOT make it easy for them. but, I agree with the lady that if you want those rights as a woman, than they have to be granted for a 'house-husband' (as we call them here), if you know what I mean? so you may have to sell the house to settle the divorce and keep paying for your house-husband???? (not sure yet what to think but I am very equal minded...)

    so, what do you think?
  2. I think the wife is doing this out of spite. 20 million is alot of money already yet she refused it... Sometimes it may not be her sole decision. Her lawyers could have encouraged her to make this move. Oy! no matter! It's still a headache.
  3. I definitely agree with the guy on this one!
  4. she should take as much as she is entitled (1/2 of everything).
  5. ^^ I agree
  6. if she gave up alot to support him, i don't really think you can put a price tag on it. i would probably have gone for the 50/50 entitlement if i was a SAHM and i let my husband have a career.
  7. If she sacrificed her career to raise his kids and she did a good job doing so, she definitely deserves everything she can get.
  8. It was a long marriage and she seemed to give up things in her life to help his career, so I'd say she's entitled to any amount up to half of his assets.

    But if she wants the 20 mil, I'd say give her the 20 mil.
  9. she deserves half.
  10. i dont think shes being greedy! shes given up her life for him and he goes and abuses that by dumping her for a better younger model! nope! no way matey! why do rich people think theyre entitled to do this! infact! why does anybody think theyre entitled to do this!
  11. oh, and I forgot to add, she completely deserves half. You cannot underestimate the support that you are given at home for your family, to allow you to get on and do the job you do successfully. This woman is completely entitled to it imo
  12. TOTALLY agree
  13. spite or not spite, lawyer's influence or not, she deserves what she wants. 20 million is a ton of money, yes, but he has a whole lot more than that left. and money makes money, no one is going broke any time soon. it's not like she's ripping him off, her staying home helped facilitate his getting rich. just my opinion.
  14. Def agree that she's entitled to 1/2 of what he's worth.

    She gave up her life to help him succeed, so she did contribute to his immense wealth IMO. :yes: