The 48 hour online Factory Online Sale!!! 9/22

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
    Did anybody got the invitation?

    I did not get this AGAIN!!!
  2. Not me, didn't get it first time either. Someone post a link, I wanna see what they have
  3. Nope
  4. Ugh, dissed again!! I NEVER get any e-mails from the outlets and I've signed up a dozen times. And I always confirm my info with them when I buy something there! I'd still like to see what they have!
    Oh well, at least I got the E-PCE.
  5. Same here - I never get anything from the outlet.
  6. Holy crap, the money I spend in there and I don't get an invite!
  7. I didnt get it either - handy dandy GOOGLE
  8. of course I did not get the invite either. Boo to them.
  9. Did anyone get an invitation??
  10. Nope, no invite!
  11. hey! my blue Soho is on there :smile:
  12. I didn't receive one either.....There's a section that asks if you want to sign up for future promotions so I provided my work e-mail address instead of my personal one. I never used to get ANY sales-type correspondence (other than order confirmations etc...) from Coach w/ my personal e-mail address ( but ever since I provided my work e-mail (a .gov address) to my FP boutique, I'm getting my PCE invites etc.......we shall see if I start getting anything from the outlet now.
  13. I have not bought a bag in months. I've been on a self imposed ban since I just had a baby and trying to cut back on luxury things for myself. Strangerly when I was buying a few bags a month I did not get invite to the first one. This time around when I have not gotten anything from Coach for awhile I got an invite to the online sale.
  14. Nope!! :-s