The 4 Stages of Tokidoki

  1. Stages of Tokinsanity

    Stage 1 :love: - You're in Love
    These are so cute!! But way too expensive, I'm only going to buy one bag - my favorite print, my favorite style!

    Stage 2 :nuts: - Denial
    I'll just get a couple more, they are just soooo cute!! BUT I'M ONLY GETTING ONE OF EACH PRINT!!

    Stage 3 :wacko: - The Insanity Sets In
    Oh, maybe just a couple of styles in my fave prints? I can't resist.

    Stage 4 :hysteric:- Full Blown Toki Psycho!!
    Ahhhh!! I LOVE them all!! I MUST have that one, and that one, and that one!! Quit bidding, it's mine!! :cursing:

    :busted ​

    By popular demand, I thought I'd make this an official thread. lol!! :biggrin:

    It seems we all share similar experiences once we fall in :heart: with tokidoki. It seems we all go MAD!

    ... so, what stage are you in?
  2. I think I'm in between 3 and 4... I'd be fully in 4 if I could afford to :lol:
  3. I think I'm at stage 3.5. I just can't stop!
  4. Me too. I can actually say no to bags too steep for me.
  5. i'm in stage 2..for n0w:lol:
  6. Hmmm... I'm not in any of the stages... I guess I'm at stage 0 where I think they're super cute and I just wanna buy what I want but don't want too many because I want to be able to use them... *lol* There's no denial or obsession or psycho-ness for me. *lol*
  7. Like everyone else, I started out in Stage 1, where I held FIRMLY for all of 2 weeks. After my second buy, it was the beginning of the end!!:nogood:

    Then, like a good girl, I decided to FIRMLY stay in Stage 2, which also went out the window after another week or so. :sweatdrop: Ahhh, I am so weak!:blush:

    so .... I guess I can say I'm currently in Stage 3, although I do hop in and out of Stage 4 :p ... I think I'm still in Stage 3 only because I haven't let the madness get completely out of hand ... yet!!:push:
  8. I'm in Stage 2, and I'm done. :tup:
  9. I have one of each print so far :yahoo: now I need one of each print in dolces (luckily it doubles already on 4 prints) :lol:
  10. i am stage 2-3.. there are still a few prints i have nothing of (and i only just got my first foresta recently but i want MOOORE).

    it felt like stage 4 the other week when i had ordered an adios star campeggio, a tutti gioco, a tutti cucciolo, a foresta bella & a paradiso ciao ciao just after receiving a citta rosa gioco and a paradiso denaro. but i sold the citta rosa gioco, traded the paradiso denaro, and am selling the tutti gioco (as well as my tutti dolce and spiaggia campeggio) so i feel a bit more sane.
  11. LOL.. That is funny.. I was a good girl and lasted a while in Stage 2, that was broken with Inferno and Pirata..hehe.. So now I have a new rule. No more then 2 bags per print.. But I still need so many to collect, that I have no clue when I'll be done.. I am a proud Tokidoki addict.. :love::upsidedown::shame::cutesy::love:...

    I'll never forget when I was just to get 2 bags (L'Amore Campeggio and Foresta Ciao Ciao). I bet my DH is hating my bday and our
    anniversary (bday in May 27 and anniversary is in June because that when my tokidoki addiction started.. hehe
  12. I'm also between Stage 3-4
  13. Stage 3, that's so funny! :push:
  14. stage 2 for me! :shame:
  15. I would say i between a 2 & 3...i want 1 bag in each print but i do have 2 or 3 in my favorite prints. Denaro's don't count as a bag..right?!