:::: The 4-6 Keyholder Club ::::

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  1. I didn't see a club for the 4-6 Keyholders so I made one. :biggrin:

    :heart: * * POST ALL OF YOUR LV 4-6 KEYHOLDERS * * :heart:
  2. Hehe I have the Damier 4 key holder and the Marshmallow key holder. I'll see if I can dig up the one pic I have.
  3. Here is my LV Black MC 4 Keyholder.



  4. Here's the pic I had lol, this was when TPF was adding watermarks to the pics in order to help curtail pic stealing.
    The second Damier key holder is my mom's :yes:
  5. I have an epi red multicles 6- I love it! It's pretty big, though.
  6. My one and only POMME 4-keyholder!!!

  7. :heart: my 4 keyholder!

  8. the pomme is really nice :yahoo:
  9. I have pomme and mc. Wish I had another reason to buy more!

    mc key driving.jpg easter 5.jpg
  10. I have a peppermint one!

    Too bad it isn't as clean now because I've been using it so much and it's gotten dirty, especially where the snap is...


    I'm soooo tempted to buy a Marshmallow one...but I only need one at a time for now :P
  11. I'm in! I have a framboise vernis 4 keyholder :love:
  12. :heart: this color in a keyholder. super cute!

  13. Add me to the club, please. :yahoo:
    I just bought a mono 6 key holder. I will post pics when it gets here.
  14. Great thread! I'm trying to find one of these, I'd love an epi red multicles like you have, Janos. :girlsigh:
  15. Does the vernis wear well? I think of all the LV items, a key holder or Cles would potentially receive most wear and scuffing..