~The 3AM - I Can't Sleep - WTH Am I Visiting TPF? Chat Thread ~

  1. OK, so its 3:45, I am STILL jetlagged, and am wideyed despite taking lunesta an bored as hell cuz I can't call anyone at this ungodly hour, and I check TPF just for kicks, and WTF...there is still traffic going on!

    So...lets start a chat thread for people with 2 diagnoses: purse addiction and insomnia....
  2. Hola:upsidedown:
  3. hi gung! whatchu insomniacing for? aren't you taking taking tests and writing papers?
  4. ^Actually, Im brainstorming! Im thinking to myself that I need a Nikki in a non-flashy color, and Navy sounds great. I was contemplating creating a thread to see if any ladies would be interested in a mass order. HMMMMMMM
  5. hehe, i thought im the only one stay up this late
  6. Me joining in, but its 1:45 in the afternoon here! Shhh...and I just woke up
  7. I think that there would be some serious frenzy for some Navy, but I wonder if people would be holding out for bags in Navy Luxe...

    Might be a good idea to check with catalina first to see if its hypothetically possible...otherwise even a show of hands might lead to another fiasco, like the mess I caused with the whole wine business and label :sad:
  8. Aww, pooey! you didnt cause any mess at all! :smile:
  9. ^^I still feel kinda responsible, but I'm mostly over it

    Theres always something going on at this hour....I always forget that the international ladies on on now! There must be like a whole chitchat period that the rest of us in the US are missing!

    May as well get some advice while I'm here: there is a gray MAM on eBay right now. that is my HG bag, BUT the bid is already up to $420...the last one I saw and bid on was about 3 months ago and I LOST the acution at $510. So clearly I was not willing to go that high. I got a sage MAM instead to sort of substitute for the color and love it...but I need some silver hardware. (And I just bought a MAM this week and just went on a mega expensive vacation) Should I bid on it??? Should I sell my sage if I win?? What if I want to keep both ---> it seems so wrong! THoughts?
  10. I cant help you with advice on th Sage. I never owned it and I dont know what the leather feels like. In terms of my personal opinion, the Dark Gray MAM is awesome. The color is beautiful; a very dark gray with just a touch of shine and accented by polished silver hardware. I like to think of it as my black-bag replacement. Whenever I need to wear a black bag, I tend to pull out my Dark Gray MAM instead because it is far more unique but still very polished and classy.
  11. Hey I have a question for ya! Where in the world did you find an Emerald MAM at?
  12. ^^ Thanks Gung! I think I'm going to go for it! (Only thing is that the HW looks Gold on the pics...still waiting to hear what the real deal is from the seller) btw, the sage, is suuuuper supple, soft and smooshy...like butta!, its almost totally flat when empty. I might have a hard time giving it up!

    I got the emmy on eBay from another TPFer! I was actually on vacation in Tokyo, checked email for like 2 mins and could not resists to see if I was missing on eBay...there it was, my BF was hovering over me impatiently...so I just pointed and clicked it... no more than 15 s decision! I had just about given up on it for a while...call me an old lady, but I like those old lady colors
  13. ^WOW! Is it brand new!?
  14. Alas no, she's carried it a few times, but it looks completely new and has tags and bag etc...its so cuuuuute:love: I prefer them new, but when you're dealing with antiques....

    I recall you saying that you sold your tomato MAM a while ago and miss it...if you have any interest, there is one on 'bay now.
  15. it is 9:50pm here in australia on a saturday night and i'm twidling my thumbs and lurking tPF~

    what is wrong with me??!!! i'm only 24 and i already feel too old to go out at this hour... when the night has barely begun! before too long i'll be in bed~ *sigh*